Pre-release Hype Megathread

I have been seeing that pre-orders are for May here in the US. Not sure if that’s changing quickly, though.

psa: looks like this seller on reverb has a bunch in stock.


Thanks! Gone now, but managed to get one.

Just got beads yesterday only had 15 minutes with it after work before food and bed, hopefully going to do something musical with it tonight.


Delightful, copiously-illustratred read about the design history of Beads.


Dedicated Beads discussion thread started by @xidnpnlss:


That’s great. Very interesting to read and see illustrations of the design process and the decisions made to bring the module to life. I really love this kind of openness.

Be good to move that post to the Beads thread before it gets swallowed up here.


Agreed. I for one would like it if all the post-release info and videos were in the Beads thread. Might be a big chore though.

There’s a wormhole between July 2019 and July 2020 :slight_smile:

Maybe she took a gap year? :rofl:

Well the first half of 2020 wasn’t exactly ideal for supply chains of boutique musical equipment, among other, more important things haha. Also had blades to finalize too.

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I think it’s been released now.

you were right


The grids are complete as an instrument. I would be shocked if features had been added at this late stage. There is a whole ecosystem (and arguably mindset) based on “it’s just a grid of buttons”. Adding a significant new feature like pressure sensitivity or colors or whatever would introduce the need to rethink a number of projects and code bases and just introduce a ton of coding work for both monome itself and the surrounding ecosystem. I get the sense they want to make time for new things. The grid is good as is. Making it more like the other grid instruments seems counterintuitive to me.


i agree! i would still love a pressure sensitive grid :sweat_smile:


You’d probably have to implement the API yourself but you could get there with the Linnstrument. The firmware is open source. Though it isn’t buttons as much as a huge sensor so it feels different. Launchpad(s) might be the closest option but you might have to script the lights via MIDI which might require optimizations vs the “refresh the lights” approach most seem to take over the grid’s serial connection.

Interesting! @tehn will you be publishing details at some point soon?

when the time is right— but yes, please don’t expect radical changes— why mess up something that is basically perfect? :wink:


Looks like a granular mode is coming to the Disting EX :heart_eyes_cat:


demoing the Vortices here