Pre-release Hype Megathread

Damn, I guess I must have missed out. Emailed the same day as the announcement too.

Maybe I can find someone with the DIY skills I definitely lack :sweat_smile:

Did you send a follow up? Apparently he sent me a reply with tracking info but I never received it, maybe he’s having email issues

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I did follow up but today I’ve followed up the follow up.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with yours. The pressure output makes me wish (even more than usual) that Magneto had CV control of wow and flutter.

Some Karplus-Strong-ish stuff using Beads as a delay (excited by short bursts from Zorlon Cannon), in the four different quality/character settings. Marbles is doing the sequencing and most of the modulation, including toggling Freeze

I think I didn’t really explore delay times in this range before because I’m in the habit of almost always staying in latched mode, which lengthens the delay range available from the knob.


checking out BEADS here


Has it been confirmed that these won’t restock unti July?


man you saying this is super inspiring! I preordered from CTRL as soon as I saw it up, before there had even been any videos posted, and I haven’t gotten around to watching any yet. now I’m gonna resist the temptation too.

That section between 8-11min mark is absolutely stunning - I was sharing your awe. Friday delivery can’t come sooner!

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Some stores like Thomann are getting stock weekly.

Sounds like a good candidate for brass modeling. Something about the timbre …

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If anyone is still keeping an eye out for Beads stock, I just managed to grab one at Juno (UK). Sign up for their email alerts.

Edit: All gone. These are selling like hotcakes.

Thought it would be interesting to run the guitar through Beads and this is the result. A spacious cinematic sound, slightly saturated. And really, this is the last of my own videos for now, since most folks will be receiving their modules around now and having fun too. Just hadn’t seen anyone playing the guitar with it as yet :blush:


Good choice of chords. It’s a sound for sore ears!

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thanks for tuning in to this temporary darkness :grinning:


I put a handful of videos on youtube from some experiments I have been doing with Beads for the past month. I got some kind feedback from a few friends on the deerhorn one I posted, so I decided to try to make something a little more full with it yesterday (and also re-explore some elements/deerhorn stuff I was messing around with the other day but didn’t get around to recording). I really dig these three together.


I have been seeing that pre-orders are for May here in the US. Not sure if that’s changing quickly, though.

psa: looks like this seller on reverb has a bunch in stock.


Thanks! Gone now, but managed to get one.

Just got beads yesterday only had 15 minutes with it after work before food and bed, hopefully going to do something musical with it tonight.


Delightful, copiously-illustratred read about the design history of Beads.