Pre-release Hype Megathread

Nothing…has some link to TE and iphone inventors I think

personally I have a negative reaction to this.

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I really think this belong in its own kind of thread (this is by no means a criticism, more like a suggestion) as my opinion on this is it’s almost a discussion onto itself. A discussion we sure don’t want to have in this thread in the middle of more traditionnal gear release. At the very least I think it would be more suited for a politic oriented topic since there’s nothing to discuss beyond the idea of investing in nothing but big names/brands for the sake of it, and they even have the cynism of calling the company exactly that so yeah.


It was the sort of uber cool anti hype hype that made me put it here.

but fair point… up to the mods really. and yes cynicism! nails it for me too.

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reminded me this


UGH haha of course Casey Neistat is somehow involved in this. Stay well away from this.


I don’t know much about him other than that he is a successful vlogger living in a NY studio apartment. Why does his involvement make the product a no-go?

@Zedkah @LLK Let me know if you want to create a topic about this and I can move the existing posts here to it, if you want. I do agree that if a wider discussion about this should be desired, it should not be in this thread.

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re: TE’s new venture NOTHING

that was the longstanding name of my cafe which only served free lentils and played good music. it might still happen.


[accountant slapping some important papers]
“sure, the lentils are dirt cheap but can’t you keep boiling them for free or we’ll be broke in a month! and we’re eating our shirt on these damn turmeric prices; it’s gotta be an upcharge.”


Sounds like a lot of “could have beans” and “should have beans”


TE is Teenage Engineering? Where is the connection? I didn’t find it in the site.

From their newsletter. Basically nothing said.

I can’t be the only one who was reminded of this, in response to that “investment opportunity”.


It looks like companies like this is an ongoing trend now and we will see more of that “simple minimalist life” stuff in coming years. Here is another example of teasing the same(ish?) thing for a while now -

Nothing in the pre-release hype thread is meta like nothing else.


And yet somehow they always have JavaScript-heavy, scrolljacking webpages that don’t actually say anything substantive about what their products are or do.

I absolutely love the aesthetic - black and white or monochrome, minimalist, stripped down to the human essentials. But I think - Merveilles, Low-Tech Magazine, and their ilk do it better.


Got an update on the ADDAC112 today that I thought you all would be interested to learn: It’s release will be delayed so they can make the input stereo. I think that’s a great idea. Below is the email I got.


“Hope all is well.

I’m writing you because you pre-ordered the ADDAC112.
It will have a 2 to 4 week delay given we decided that we’ll implement a stereo input, instead of a mono like we previously announced.

This means the first batch will be ready by mid to late April.

We hope you agree to this motive and that it does not cause you any major inconvenience.

Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks & all the best,


It will have a 2 to 4 week delay

2 to 4 week delay times? This is awesome, imagine loops you will be able to create with that thing!
I will show myself out and just say that stereo input is always welcomed and I am happy that it is more and more commonplace in euro (now we should start moving toward quad ;))


Thanks for sharing- this is excellent news.

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