Pre-release & Ordering Hype Megathread

this thread is for the discussion of things that have been announced but don’t yet exist.

i’ve created this thread as a place where speculation can run its course (rather than having individual topics).

this thread is also for ordering hype & ordering experiences, instead of filling up other threads with acquisition-focused activity.


Interesting looking little portable midi device:

Edit to add:
Internal gyro seems like a super fun addition to the world on midi controllers:
“A built-in iNEMO™ Ultra-low-power, inertial module with an AI Machine Learning Core combines the power of a 3D accelerometer and a 3D gyroscope to map any gesture to any parameter — to put it simply: °Grid becomes a natural extension of your body.”


The off grid looks very nice but…

I think the name is a bit hmmm to me

I suppose it’s a nod to monome in a way, thoughts ?

I’d like to see a mini monome 128 the size
of norns in the same sized metal enclosure @tehn

I have a diy 512 with milled case but i look like a twat with it connected to my norns hehe (David and Goliath - Norns is Goliath)


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I haven’t been able to take anything they’ve done seriously since they released this monstrosity…


Good to know this seems to be disreputable company. I’ll research a bit more before boosting kickstarter projects.

FWIW, I wouldn’t call Birdkids disreputable. They have a number of really nice designs (the Raven, batuleur). Not sure what the heck unicorn boom is all about! The offgrid seems interesting, but not for me.


Yeah disreputable was unfair, I strike that description.


I backed their last kickstarter (Raven) and am happy with that, especially considering it’s easily one of the most expensive pieces of gear I own. They seemed quite responsive and forthcoming (you can check the related thread on MW if you’d like). The marketing around this project does make me cringe a little, but I would imagine if anyone has any real issues around copying or dishonest practices on their behalf I imagine getting in touch with them directly might be fruitful. The unicorn module seems like them just having some fun and not meant to be considered among their more “serious” efforts?


I backed the offGrid, seems like a fun Norns companion. I also have a Raven, and it is excellent :slight_smile: unicorn boom is surely a bit of “12 year old” humor, but not exactly offensive… also it sounds nice. :sweat_smile:


Here is an example of said gyro in use:

If anyone has any technical (or otherwise) questions regarding offGrid, I’ll be answering them directly on the campaign PM:


Currently being kickstarted, thoughts?


The new Bastl X Casper stereo filter certainly grabbed my attention on the Superbooth stream today. It’s a stereo DJ filter ala Overseer, but it adds detuning of the stereo channels, voltage controlled resonance, panning, and a stereo VCA. There’s also an envelope follower with internal routing options. All in 8 HP!


which video is this in?

Found it:

Bastl stuff starts around 5:20:00


disting mk5!
8HP, functions as dual distings or one mega disting. now with OLED!


It looks like the Disting EX has an i2c bus. :crossed_fingers: for Teletype support

from the manual:

Devices on an I2C bus have an address, which a sending device uses to identify the intended
recipient. The disting EX’s address is set in the Settings (see above).
Currently the disting EX sends no messages on the I2C bus.
It receives messages in the following format:
<address> 11H <controller number> <value MSB> <value LSB>


Explicitly not mk5 according to Os, as he will still be producing mk4s (I think). Comes with some nice Spitfire samples too. Manual is available on the Expert Sleepers website. I’m looking forward to hooking it up to Teletype when it arrives next week (and after the joys of unplugging the 8 connected i2c modules I already have :weary:)

Yea wow… new disting definitly got my mind moving around a bit with the I2C. Towards the end of the manual it says the incoming commands are mapped to algo params through mappings… which potentially powerful, but I don’t see 100% for sure that this includes all algos or just the new ones.

Still, potentially a great “expander” for teletype or crow.

EDIT: section on mapping I2C commands to parameters is on page 19

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started a separate thread for the disting EX.

Did y’all see this? I wish this had existed when I got into Eurorack. It’s beautiful.


I’m honestly fascinated at all the sampling capabilities (and, even more, dedicated sampling systems like this one) entering eurorack. it’s cool and strange and a little confusing.