Pre-release & Ordering Hype Megathread

I recommend liverwurst with white onion and lettuce and mayo on a kaiser roll. WITH a great big super sour dill on the side, to remind you of all the things you love most in the world, because that’s what great big super sour dills do.



I had a great big super sour dill with my lunch today and I can vouch for this.


I love all of this but I actually really enjoy half sours, the cucumbers are more crisp, not saying one is better than the other but I recommend it for variety.



Should there be a separate pre-release hype thread for the 11:00 meeting?

Either way, I’m keen to see the new Fairfield stuff. I love my Shallow Water!


Anyone like gherkins? They have a lovely sourness and crunch that really does the trick for me!


I like the gherkin as a format, for sure. Using a tiny fork to stab one at a party is a real pleasure.

Oh, also, it’s live!


Half Sours are agents of peace, love, understanding, health, well-being, good manners and cleverness.


Mods: I pledge to avoid further pickle love in this thread. To the Secret Tree Fort!


You can only talk pickles more here if you’re about to hype a pre-release of a new type.


I had a search but couldn’t see any discussion about this yet.

The Qu-Bit Surface, has anyone ordered or planning to? I’m curious how the plucked strings sound compared to Rings. Also interested to hear the prepared piano.


Ive been interested in this since it was announced. From what I’ve heard via instagram posts and a couple youtube videos it sounds great and the plucked strings sound really good. Still waiting to hear the piano/keys models before I buy it. Hopefully we get some more demos soon.


Sounds amazing! I’m very much interested.


Ricky Tinez just did a fairly in depth demo on youtube that’s worth checking out. I’ll put the link here. Overall, it sounds pretty amazing and I like the semitone tuning. Obviously the design is a little different, but that’s more a matter of preference. I also like the choke input, and in the video it’s used to make some cool sounding musical phrases.

I think the controls on rings are a bit better than the ones on Surface (but admittedly that could be because I’m more used to rings). The single biggest “downside” in the Rings v Surface discussion is that Surface does not have an audio input. Obviously, Rings sounds beautiful on it’s own, but you can get so much more by running other oscillators, contact mics, noise, whatever, through the intput. Surface won’t have any of that.

My takeaway was that Surface is a solid choice for people that see videos of rings and just like that rings sound and want to use it in their rack. It’s smaller, has the choke controls, and (by my estimation) has a few extra mode to dial in the sound you want. But if you actually want the resonator and extra features there, rings is still kings.


At least 20 characters of laughter!

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I’m glad at least one other person got a chuckle out of that!

I think you’re probably right, in terms of what they’re doing technically. Surface is even descibed as a physical modeling voice, So I think comparing it to the right side of plaits (the percussive side) and plonk (also percussive) is valid.

The comparison to Rings is more because surface just sounds a lot like rings, whereas plonk (i think) and the physical modeling of plaits are more percussion focused. Surface seems to have a lot of those strings, bells, plucky sounds, which rings does (really well) too. To me, it seems like people may end up deciding between rings and surface for space in their rack for that sound.

That’s awesome that you ordered rings! It’s a ton of fun, one of my favorites. Try all types of sounds into the input, you can get some really cool stuff. I really like to use rings almost as an effect, and then use a mixer/attenuators to get sort of a “dry/wet” situation and it sounds awesome.

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It’s been on modulargrid for a week or so, so I think it was leaked or announced elsewhere previously, though I don’t know where.

It was leaked in some other Ricky Tinez video, and then it appeared in the Schneidersladen online shop as available to preorder, which is where the modulargrid photo is from, if I recall correctly.

Degree++++ 4-channel euro touch controller is looking quite nice! It does gesture recording and quantizing as alternate features per channel. You can tell the designer is prioritizing tactility and accessibility over depth of features. This might scratch the same itch as Polyearthsea, but with 4 different sequence lengths (yum, polymeters).


That looks clever and fun :slight_smile:

Strong Ciat-Lonbardeish feelings from this one, plus all the usual Soma labs goodness.