Pre-release & Ordering Hype Megathread

the possibilities are there… i really wish 1010 would hire a really good UI designer.


Damn … that’s an insta-buy for me.

Holy crap - this looks great. Could really help with a compact setup. Will be watching this space. I’m a little bummed about the 3.5 mm Jack’s, but something has to give when the size shrinks down.

Ahhh finally a mixer with a bunch of stereo minijack inputs. My dreams have been answered. Paired with the right usb midi controller, this could be perfect for live performances…


Surface transducers, like the one used in the video and I suspect in the Oda, are not particularly expensive or unusual. I’ve used them quite a bit in art school, and installation work. I designed a room where I wanted it to appear like voices were talking through it,

On the topic of quality, I believe they are overselling the experience. In my experience surface transducer like this doesn’t reproduce low-end very well. Mids, and highs are ok. I’m sure the choice of material makes a difference. But you could buy a sheet of cherry wood, and some framing nails for a fraction of the price.

Volume is a problem too, if you crank it, wood is not pliable like a speaker cone so it’ll start to buzz and vibrate distorting the sound.

I have some bone induction headphones that work on the same principal. Cool technology, but same problem with the bass response. Mostly good for podcasts.


for those interested, there’s a whole thread on transducers and speakers


I can’t tell from the copy, but will this be an interface also? It seems like no, which seems like a huge missed opportunity.

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This bluebox digital mixer/recorder from 1010music looks good:

From the description it looks like the midi is for clocking only though…

I’m in the market for a mixer, but If that’s true it’s a no for me. I’d like to connect a 16n to have more direct control over parameters I want.

this should make things a bit more clear
very interesting…

The new 1010Music Bluebox fits a lot of features in a very small form factor!

Of course, it’s has the downside of not having direct access to all parameters, but very flexible setup. It also has a USB device port which according to Loopop’s review will have full midi support. Paring this with a Faderfox UC4 would be a really cool, small and powerful (and quite pricey) combo :~)

Loopop’s review:

EDIT: Why was this moved from the Minimal mixers thread? Especially since the Bluebox is already mentioned here… Is talk about upcoming gear forbidden in all other threads?


Does the 1010 convert everything to digital, do its stuff and then convert back to audio for each output?
or is there a digitally controlled analogue signal path in some instances? Does this sort of thing even bother anyone these days?

This seems to be everything that I was hoping the Blackbox would be, but I find it lacking in some very needed features. No timeline that I can see, no crossfade, no editing of the audio after recording whatsoever. No mixdown (which is available on Blackbox after it got requested so I don’t see why it’s not made available here). I’m more or less looking for basic stuff that my Zoom R8 did years ago and that the Bluebox hints at (e.g. they do have a lovely multiple-takes option for each track) but doesn’t seem to tackle.

What are your thoughts? Personally I bought the Blackbox but never spent anytime with it, so I’m on the fence whether I really want to invest on yet another box that sits around. On the other hand, having something permanently plugged to the modular case, on which I can do a quick recording, mix, and EQ, sounds like such a great idea!

Here’s a loopop video

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It took me way- listen, waaaaaaay- too long to realize that they released this on 10/10. Way too long.


How do you mean? As in, you didn’t know until late in the day, you should’ve known it was coming, you thought this was another thing? I’m not following, sorry.

Oh wait 1010 music, 10/10 … ~facepalm~, ok, this is a major dad-joke on their behalf.


See??? See???

:grinning:I’m glad it wasn’t just me.


Yes. Indeed. Thank you? :laughing: :joy:

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i think this looks nice for compact mixing and recording of performances.
very happy to see someone do lots of i/o on 3.5mm - i think this is an unpopular move, but i’ve been wishing for it for a long time.
assuming the audio quality is good / transparent - the UI looks to be the biggest downside to this thing.
i see that the current firmware does not support USB midi mapping of parameters. i feel that a good control surface (ie. launch control xl / markeats midi one) is essential if you want this to be a “performative” mixer.


What’re the logistics like for dealing with that 3.5 MM limitation? I recently got an RCA - stereo 3.5, as well as a quarter to quarter Y cable to use headphones in a small set up, and I’m noticing weird aliasing effects in the high end that would be pretty breaking for a mixer. Is that… normal? I notice in the loop op video that we don’t actually get a sound demo of the Y cable…

Is the solution to feed it 3.5mm stereo pairs and be ok with it effectively becoming three channels?

That midi limitation is also pretty… limiting. I suspect (am totally making up out of nowhere) that it’s a midi bandwidth issue, where they don’t want to release a product at launch where folks would do things like pass it audio rate CCs and cause lock ups left and right. Of course, the userbase is smarter than that and knows midi is 40 years old and has its limits, and hopefully they take this feedback and update the firmware to allow something like a 16n to control levels.

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