Pre-release & Ordering Hype Megathread

I remember this knob confusing me a lot at the time (I did not know anything about synthesis when I had this synth), almost making me insecure about the preset I chose “I like this one for this part but I don’t want to do Trance music, what am I doing ??”.


The liven 12 bit is the first instant buy for me. I’ve been looking at samplers for a couple of weeks and this almost ticks all the boxes and at that price it’s worth giving it a try

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Hello !
I missed the last batch of the grid monome. I know it’s marked early 2023 but I wanted to know if you had a better estimate or a usual frequency of restocking this product? I hesitated too much and in the end I didn’t make it in time. Thanks for your help

If i hadnt backed smpletrek i would be buying this.

Are you signed up for the newsletter linked at the bottom of the monome page? Also this thread is probably not the likely place where monome specific updates would be.

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fwiw, monome doesn’t do stock updates here.

edit: looks like the link to future is dead. seems like the email list is the place for stock updates.


@Jonny Yes, I am subscribed to the newsletter. Thanks for your feedback I will look for the right thread.
@Justmat I thank you and I apologize if posting my message here was awkward.


Still ruing selling my Sequential Studio 440 :weary:. It ticks all said boxes and more.

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Thanks for this rundown. I did about all the research I could on this when they first dropped the price and ultimately decided against it due primarily to it outputting CV on every step change regardless of whether there is a gate out present. When they dropped the price again I was about to jump but this has me thinking I should just forget it. The last thing I need is a new piece of gear that I only half-heartedly learn. The isomorphic keyboard was interesting but the fact that I couldn’t really understand how it was implemented when watching the videos was probably a clue that it isn’t implemented in a way that would be useful for me :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s good for midi but I’m primarily in euro too.

I got one too, at that price, even if i don’t like it, it’s probably hard to lose money.


I’m so used to seeing one or two ALM modules in a rack. Seeing a full rack of just ALM just made me realize how cohesive their design language is. They’ve done a good job of mixing up layouts but still looking logical and easy to follow. :trophy:


I´m seriously trying to find space for the MEGA-TANG. Jumble Henge will go for sure, I´m very unhappy with that one. Apart from that everything else is super solid and I don´t really want to use a bigger case.


that one jack being off center is bugging me to no end


What could be the reason for that? Clearly the ALM designers are a detailed-oriented lot?

that is what makes me think that it’s intentional

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The mis and staggered alignment of the jacks and text/graphics are off-putting.


Might also be that they shot the demo with a prototype.

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Yeah. I had a similar thought. I’m curious to see it out in the real world.

All their marketing materials have the same issue. With the knobs all out of alignment as well (compare sends to pans). I have to imagine it’s the real look. And that means it’s probably related to the circuitry underneath?? Something must’ve forced their hand, but it’s still hard to believe.

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