Pre-release & Ordering Hype Megathread

The module I regret selling the most is Double Andore mk 1. In fact I’ll have a look for a replacement again, right now.



Looks cool and fun to use. Sad that no ease of use, battery life, aesthetics, or anything will make me better at meeting my deadlines :joy:

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20 chars of this loos pretty fun!


Whoa. I’m going to pick one up.


I’m kind of interested in it as a synth rather than a lofi beats machine

Literally just bought an Axys… :smile: though I have to say this form factor is mighty appealing.

It’s nice to see new stuff that inspires to use the gear you have differently.
XPAN can also be a DJ stereo crossfader multing a 16n output and hard panning each channel.


Wow unexpected! And makes so much sense to have a cross fader in 1U :heart:


The temptation to make a palette control/performance case continues to grow. Loving the idea of manning a Tetrapad with one hand and riding the Xfade with the other.

This looks awesome - picking one up too.

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Could you elaborate on how you’re using 16n with XPAN?

16n is generally a finer, hands on control over certain parameters. Sometimes it’s nice to have a fader to control crossfading and a stereo submix level (stereo VCA in) when I want things manual. Nothing fancy, since 16n would need a boost to match the 0-8V range of XPAN really.


This is awesome! So many great uses… probably some great feedback patches you could scheme up :zap:

i love the design/layout/size about as much as i hate the lofibeats marketing angle

need to read more about the features but will probably try it someday

looks like a very playful and unique instrument!

edit: just saw the price, i/o and fx list…bout to listen to demos but already seems like a nobrainer purchase!



I love a lot of stuff that could be described as lo-fi hip hop but the particular generic beat tape trend that the YouTube algorithm latched onto feels like the smooth jazz version of hip hop beats.

This sampler looks cool. The marketing is lame to me.


It’s being dubbed as a mini ASR-10, which seems like a stretch (this seems more comparable to the Korg microsampler) Also it’s a bit annoying that it’s being marketed as “lo-fi”. But overall it’s cool there is an affordable old school styled chromatic sampler for people to use again.

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Yeah any genre based marketing just limits the audience and really doesn’t age well.
Like the genre knob on the microkorgs.

Wouldn’t it be enough to just call it a sampler w/ a 12bit mode without adding all the “lofi beats to ____ and ____ to…” stuff?


I have 2 of the other Liven devices (XFM and 8bit Warps) and they really are impressive. Worth noting is that they are 2.5x the footprint of a volca (in case you are imagining volca size). This makes them much more usable, and provides the sync in+out, audio in+out, din midi in+out and separate headphone out, so you’ll find they integrate really nicely into many a setup. The sequencer is in the elektron style (parameter locking using the same gestures). I’m assuming the lofi12 is more of the same, but with a sample based core sound vs subtractive or FM. The Liven bass & beats uses samples, but it’s not a sampler or something you can reasonably play melodic or polyphonic samples on, so this one is quite a different proposition. Anyway: I think it’s going to be a fun device and it’ll probably make it’s way onto my Christmas list.


I’m kinda tempted to buy one just to sell in “mint condition” in 30 years when lo-fi beats come around for a third time :joy:

Edit to add: jesus I just realised how old I’ll be in 30 years