Pre-release & Ordering Hype Megathread

@Zop 20 char of thank you!

Just received an Instruo Tanh I ordered from Detroit Modular. Inside the box was this trading card for a module I have yet to see or hear anything about. Looks interesting!


Yeah, they’ve given out a couple different playing cards for unreleased modules. I think I recall them saying at some point that some may eventually see the light of day in some form if/when the chip shortage situation allows for it.


Looks like an updated version of the “Octone” maybe?

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I got that card as well, maybe 12-18 months ago ???

I vaguely remember that as well.


Yes, I feel like a lot of people only compare the raw feature set of audio gear and ignore crucial factors like user experience. There is plenty of gear that can do what this does, but they are not as approachable, much more complex and/or have very opinionated workflow. I get that it’s expensive, but it’s not super expensive compared to other boutique gear like eurorack modules or guitar pedals. While I have plenty of very complex gear that requires management or initial configuration (Organelle, Norns) I also like approachable gear that inspires you to make music.


DSP Versio keeps growing


Oh, that looks good. I have the Imitor, and at 12 taps, it is a bit much for everyday use.


I’ve been beta testing this one and it quickly became my favorite Versio firmware. (Lacrima is #2.)

For my tastes, the chorus+filtering+feedback creates a nicer quasi-reverb than Electus or even Valhalla Supermassive. The folding is a bit situational but always worth trying to see if it brings some extra magic.

One thing I’ve liked doing with it is setting the Pan knob full CCW or CW and using only one output, so you don’t hear all three taps directly – but they contribute to the feedback. You can combine that with using only the right input (or a dummy cable for the right input). Or you can patch a mono signal to one input, and patch one of the outputs to the opposite input, etc.

Modulating Pan is nice with this too. Whichever way you go, there are two taps toward one side and one toward the other, so it never gets that (ugly in headphones IMHO) hard-panned feeling, and it’s less obvious than a bouncing ball delay.


@Starthief What is the approximate max delay time on this? Thx!

Seems to be 3 seconds between taps.

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still megathread pre-release hyped for 8mu!!!

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Tall Dog is working on conversion kits that would make Opsix, Wavestate, and Modwave into desktop synths, apparently requiring minimal assembly skills. This is very exciting!