Preprogramming Characters for Live Teletype

Hey guys,

Joined to ask a specific question, but perhaps I’ll get more involved as my project does.

In teletype, is there a way to preprogram cv values to characters (reduced number of ascii characters) so each letter has its own unique “command”? The goal is to type a message live and have it send cv out to another to create a musical cipher. Not worried about deciphering just yet.

The long term goal is to create a stand alone module that associates each letter with a position on a wavetable key and use the inverse of the waveform to decode. But, as they say, baby steps :slightly_smiling_face:


If you squint just right,

Is more or less what a teletype op is. So I can imagine writing an alt firmware for teletype that works the way you describe. You would need to be adept at C programming.

A more expedient route would be to work with the ops that already exist. You can use the tracker page to store numeric values for recall. Useful for saving sequences and such.

A few letters are assignable but they behave differently:
A to D are assignable and usable everywhere (default to 1-4). Same for X Y Z and T.
I is a local scope variable.
O increment itself when you call it
Q is a queue
P alone wouldn’t work, as it’s the pattern function.

I still think your idea is possible but would require custom firmware. Good thing it’s open-source :slight_smile:

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Not looking for an easier way. This is part of a larger cyberpunk story that drives my music. So the ability to “encrypt messages on the fly” and push it out through music is the goal I’m working towards.


so you need something that would translate keyboard presses to specific voltages? yeah, this would require an alternative firmware. if you’re comfortable with coding i can explain how to implement it (it would be pretty simple).

teletype doesn’t seem to be the most straight forward way to do it though, wouldn’t it be simpler to use a computer to translate keyboard presses to midi messages (you could use renoise for this, for instance) and then use a midi to cv device?