Preserving monome apps for arc and grid

All the apps on one page. Is this helpful? How would you improve it?


I just now noticed this issue. Folks agree? Categorize the page? Is this the right categorization scheme?


Agreed(seems like the right categories, can be flexible, whatever you think is descriptive enough).

Brilliant, thank you!

Very happy to see this page! Do you intend to add more apps?

I would love to. What am I missing?

This is great!

I did a post earlier asking for new apps and this will give me enough to keep busy trying all everything I have missed,

Awesome!! Having it like it used to be is great idea. I found that I downloaded the whole repository and encounter problems with apps. Generally, with having to use different versions of max and serial osc to get some apps to work

Yes – there also used to be a revision history on the app pages like so:

Seems that some of those zips are archived and able to be downloaded from there, but I’ve found some broken ones as well. It used to be handy for problems arriving due to configs, different versions of max, etc.

I’ll take a swing at the categorization today.

After that, I could use some help. If somebody wants to take a swing at collecting old versions of apps, or apps that may have been missed by the various previous sweeps through the old forums, speak up so we can add you to the monome-community Github team.

I do have one question for tehn about the forum/wiki archives: can we count on them sticking around? A lot of these old versions are not in github at all, and it’s not clear to me if we should add them there or just link to the old forum/wiki archives instead.

i’d honestly like to retire the old wiki and forum. there’s a lot of confusion due to the nature of expired information. i’m paying extra per month to keep this stuff around-- (costs could be mitigated if i can find a minute to migrate the server contents, which is never a straightforward proposition).

i haven’t set a date for retirement because i’d like to have a responsible transition.

any experts on archiving such content? keep in mind the search on the old forum is terrible, which is part of the original need for departure.

I’m of the opinion that anything we want to keep should end up in github.

That being said, there’s questions around how to handle multiple versions, etc.

Should we just create multiple folders in monome-community/collected[-ms] for variations and versions of apps?

Tags/branches are another (possibly less user friendly?) option.

This page has now been categorized.

Several apps are currently available only on and need a new home:

  • Monome Home
  • monome test
  • smallbatch
  • breakme
  • chuckstep
  • randrum
  • repeat
  • tml_refactor
  • flickering lights
  • nodes
  • the fly
  • TR-256
  • traknome
  • trigger sequencer
  • whiz
  • depthoffield
  • dj64effectm4l
  • flin m4l beta
  • gs.suite
  • live clip chopper
  • m4lcl
  • m4ldr
  • mlr 2.27 max for live
  • monolive
  • monomidi
  • MonoParaSteppa
  • myr monome handling
  • plinkonome m4l
  • pulse
  • shfflr
  • thisinstance
  • velocity
  • cycles
  • frames
  • letters
  • pepito
  • tiltmap

Since tehn has expressed that he’d like to retire, these apps will need to be moved to or if we want to preserve them. If you care about any of these apps, please volunteer to be part of the monome-community github team.

With regard to preserving old versions of apps, any apps that we want to preserve multiple versions of should probably be broken out of collected[-ms] and stored in its own repository, then branches should be used for different versions. Again, volunteers would be appreciated, but also just an indication from folks about which apps they want to see preserved in this way. It would be a silly amount of work to try to do it for everything.


Nice work. I was looking at the angles patch and want to download it. I don’t see any link to download it though. Github is confusing that way. Sometimes there is an obvious download button and other times there is nothing. Why is that?

Edit: I see have it already in the master folder I previously downloaded.

please preserve tml_refactor, one of my favourite & most used apps.

Where is tml_refactor?

Oh, I see what you’re saying now. It’s already on the wiki page, but you’d like to make sure it survives any shutdown of Seems like it should be simple enough to add it to the monome-community/collected/ github project.

I’ve created a pull request.

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