Print zines and publications

There are a bunch of riso printers out there these days, some more accessible than others for individual / service based printing needs.
I’m sure there are some in your local area (DC if your profile is correct) that you could reach out too. Look at the local graphic design / art scene and ask around. They are more prevalent that you might think!

One of my favorite printers and very relevant to this thread is tan & loose press. Their newspaper, The Smudge is excellent!


I told @bobbcorr I had a theory about the structure of his zines… and he told me:

“Life is all about unfolding mysteries that return you to simple truths.”

^ Actually that is the structure. Really! Wonderful.


Which to read first…

P.S. A hearty Thank You to @bobbcorr and @Claude for the personal notes included in the envelopes!


Small But Mighty comes first.


That’s a lovely trio if I do say so myself. Sort of bummed my print copy of waveform hasn’t come yet…but the price is right!

DID just take delivery of the latest little beauty by @bobbcorr can’t wait to enjoy its secrets!


I took @bobbcorr’s advice and read his manifest first, and it was thoroughly enjoyable! I’ll need to send Bob a gracious word to ensure I continue to receive this little pamphlet of wisdom and prose.

I received my copy of Waveform almost a month ago - you may want to send them a quick email to see if there was an issue mailing it, though, as the mailing label literally fell off my copy when I pulled it from the mailbox, and a few people on reddit had the same complaint, so I’d hate to find out yours was lost in the mail forever…


Twenty characters of “done”! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Waverform arrived yesterday. Thank you!

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Got a personal response from Ellison and he is sending me one with a tracking number! What a guy!

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hi i have a little free monthly zine mostly poetry and collage if anyone’s interested in that sort of thing, much less professional than some stuff here but it’s free so you get what you get :stuck_out_tongue: msg me here or on instagram @colmkil with your address i’ll be sending out july within the next week or so and have some extra may and june issues still i can include. probably only going to keep doing this through august so you wont have to put up with me much longer even if you don’t like it much O:)


Deft Electronica just got a nice shout-out from @darwingrosse on the latest episode of his podcast.


Oh yay! I discovered Darwin’s podcast when he placed his order. It is pretty darn excellent. Thanks for letting me know!


This is my new book of drum machine patterns. I designed it to be travel-friendly companion to my own portable music-making devices, so it’s only 4x6" in size. It’s just under 70 pages and includes a few hundred patterns that I have collected over the years. You can download a PDF of the book or order nice printed copy for $10 at More pictures there too.

(It was suggested I cross-post to this thread after sharing in #open, hope that’s cool.)


Thank you!


yay !! :slight_smile: rainer/rene/renee/renat@ 's of the world unite !


Issue number nine getting ready to ship. The most complex production yet.


20 chars of excitement!


Received the latest Klonk from Denmark today, thanks @NOISEBOB :slight_smile: Highly recommended full-colour shitcore zine, partly/mostly in Danish tho.



A friend of mine let me know about this open call so I’m letting you guys know too:

ZINES - An international journal on amateur and DIY media
Launch : Issue #1 - April 2020

Call for papers

  • ZINES is an international peer journal dedicated to studies of amateur and do-it-yourself media of any kind, from fanzines to webzines, perzines to science zines, artzines to poezines, etc.
  • ZINES is multi-disciplinary and opened to all scientific disciplines, from social sciences to medical sciences, art and design, media studies, etc. The first aim of the journal is to study the involvement of amateurs in the production of mediascapes, from printing form to cybermedia. It also addresses the impact of zine making for personal or collective sociabilization, especially in closed environments such as carceral or medical centres. The second aim is to examine the production of new form of communication by amateurs leading to the publication of media with a strong DIY ethos, including scholars who invent new forms of dissemination of scientific knowledge.
  • ZINES accepts original contribution from academics, zine librarians and non-academic zinesters who want to share personal experiences or react to published papers. Articles published in ZINES are peer reviewed by scholars. The ZINES reviewers are assigned to articles based on their academic interests and scholarly expertise.
  • ZINES accepts the following types of contributions: articles, book reviews, thematic reviews of zines, in-depth interview with zinesters. We also welcome thematic issue proposal or zine conference proceedings. We accept papers in English, French and Spanish. However, French and Spanish papers must include an extensive abstract (2 pages) in English presenting methods, main results and discussion.

Because zines are intimately anchored in personal bricolage, ZINES also encourages papers submitted in unconventional format (e.g. collages, paste-up or other innovative editing, etc.) providing that every paper submitted to ZINES will be evaluate by reviewers and must fit in the final printed format (21*21 cm).

Full paper submission: 1st December 2019.

Samuel Etienne

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I’ve published a 72-page full-colour booklet that features my photography and haiku.

Can post to you for US$15.

Keen to distribute, so additional copies are $10 each and make a great gift.

Send me a message and we can arrange details.