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I’ve published a 72-page full-colour booklet that features my photography and haiku.

Can post to you for US$15.

Keen to distribute, so additional copies are $10 each and make a great gift.

Send me a message and we can arrange details.



Thanks for the shout-out and recommendation, so glad you enjoyed issue one!

Issue two has grown from 44 to 60 pages, but the format is unchanged. I interview Danish-Canadian ambient sound artist FernLodge, Polish drone maestro Calineczka, and Dutch composter and synthesist Raoul van Herpen. Reviews of albums by:
Angelo Vicente Jr
David Fyans
Gamma Function
Golden Chorale
Hoan Kiem Chess Team
Jerod Sommerfeldt
Luciano Maggiore
Phil Maguire & Anne La Berge
Noxious Insect
Peter Kutin
The Radish Brothers
Roland Emile Kuit
Shedding & Josh Mason
S. Pakhomov
Susana Lopez
I also wrote a little essay about releasing a limited cassette.
The support has exceeded my expectations, thanks in part to this community. Starting work on issue three while I keep up with orders.

I also reduced my shipping prices, essentially eliminating a “handling” fee I was initially encouraged to include. Enjoy!


Euro-Serge/Make Noise Instagram influencer Luke Teaford is sponsoring a zine giveaway for Deft Esoterica issue two, open to US residents. Info in this post:


Deft Esoterica is now on my “Next payday…” list!
Two recent favorites as of late include
Weird Walk, a zine dedicated to UK folklore, hauntology and rambling in the country,
Becoming the Forest looks at nature, ecology and black metal. Both enjoyable reads.


Hey all, wanted to mention an article I wrote for Horizontalpitch about my journey with eurorack:

Wasn’t quite sure of the best place to announce this and it made the most sense to post it here, although it isn’t, strictly speaking, on paper. It is quite similar to my writing in Deft Esoterica though and I’m excited to share it with the community!


I don’t particularly mind where this post is (if you think it belongs here, cool), but since you seemed unsure I just wanted to suggest that I’ve seen @rodrigo post ‘bloggy’ type stuff on this thread.

Looking forward to reading your article @Claude
…aaaaaaannnd now(!)

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fascinating read and gorgeous illustrations there by ola — including and especially your new pic :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that thread @Angela , there are a number of tasty links there indeed! I think I will leave my little announcement here unless anyone had strong feelings that I should move it. Horizontalpitch identifies as a “blogzine” and the content of the article is so similar to my zine content I feel like it fits better here, almost as if I maintained my own website with some of my zine content on it…at least that’s my current thinking :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your kind words @renegog, I’ll share them with Ola! So pleased you enjoyed it!!!


Deft Esoterica 1 & 2 Ordered!
Looking forward to them!


Thanks so much for the interest and support! Your package is addressed and will ship as an “international letter” today! Yay!

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I got this thermal receipt printer and had been looking for a use for it, so created this small photography zine. High contrast photography + dithering + low res = interesting textures (to me anyway).

morzine_print - 1 morzine_print - 2 morzine_print - 3 morzine_print - 4

It also is the most fun thing to print.


super cool! I love the correlation between the sound the printer is making and the image being printed


Interesting! I hadn’t noticed that. Maybe i can try and print some sheets expressly designed to make particular sounds…


Could be my imagination but I’d be very curious to hear if you experiment with that!

Are you distributing the zines?

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Guess what’s in production now.

It’s something gooooood.


I haven’t distributed the zines, but if anyone wants one I’ll happily put one in the post.

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Just ordered the double pack of @claude’s Deft Esoterica. I’m looking forward to the two issues.


Our predicted snow storm is holding off so those will ship out today!

I love mailing zines out, it’s such a pleasure and very exciting to share the final product. Also fun to imagine the travels of each package, all the different people collectively making an effort on our behalf. So cool, thanks for your interest!


Indeed! Please keep me in the loop! We haven’t done a thing in VT except drive through to play in MA! Would love to be involved.


Just got these. Should be nice morning reading today. Unfortunately my cat took a liking to issue one and had a bit of fun with the cover…