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i’m a new user and need a little bit help with the forum.
How can I sent a private message to another user?

Thanks Marcus

click their avatar or username and you’ll see a few options…one says “message”

when you press it you’ll be able to typ the topic and body of the message

the other way is to access your own profile to navigate to messages, then click “new message”…next choose the recipient(s), topic, and actual message

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I was just blind, thank you.

Gruß Marcus

no worries

it took me a while to find it when the new forum opened up

hey there,
I also transformed from a lurker to a member & just can’t find the “message” option when I click on an avatar. Also I can’t seem to find the option to compose a new message in my profile-mailbox. Is it because I have to write a thread or reply somewhere first?

Also, since you are a new user a little heads up: there is no need to sign your comments. Every post you make had your name attached by default. It might not seem but signing every comment/post adds a lot of visual clutter to discussions.


I understand, signing removed.
Is there something before “Also” (sounds like there is some text left out), that might help with my “pm”-problem?

I think you have to post more before you are allowed to privat message others - don’t know how much, might be found somewhere in the profile or rules?

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I looked it up - you need the Basic Trust Level Badge:


This badge is granted when you reach trust level 1. Thanks for sticking around and reading a few topics to learn what our community is about. New user restrictions have been lifted; you’ve been granted all essential community abilities, such as personal messaging, flagging, wiki editing, and the ability to post multiple images and links.

“Also” you can find more info on Discourse Trust Levels here:


Thanks Leverkusen! Cool to see muffwiggler-users over here. I guess more wigglers will be moving soon to this forum. :slight_smile:

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What’s the correct way to bring an inappropriate private message to a moderator’s attention? Is flagging the message sufficient?

You can also write the mod team by sending a PM to @moderators

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