Pro Tools Midi Learn / Midi Parameter Control - Why is this so hard?


I work for a composer who is primarily using Pro Tools.
I’m constantly hitting a wall trying to get midi controllers to control parameters in soft synths, Kontakt, etc…
For something so easy in Ableton or Logic, this hardly ever works in Pro Tools and when it does it takes lots of setting up and only works for some plugins.

I’m not talking about setting up a keyboard controller, it’s about using for instance these devices to control software plugin parameters:
Sensel Morph
FaderFox EC4
Prophet 6

If anyone has tips to make this process less PITA is super appreicated!!

thanks in advance!

I work with Pro Tools but not with MIDI. I’m sure there are some other PT users here, but I’d also check at the DUC:

They have many years of questions and answers there, and it’s very active now, for new questions if you can find your answer with a search.

Good luck!!

thanks a lot man!
I think I’ve searched around that site a bunch and a lot of googling.
thought someone here might have the magic trick :wink: