Probability in Ableton

I’m probably (lol) missing something obvious here. Is there a device in Ableton that I can place on a midi track that will apply probability to notes being played? i.e. I have my sequence in the piano roll and want to stick the device on the track and set a “note on” probability.


Not that I know of without M4L, but you can do this:

Playing with the amount of chain covered and the range of velocity randomness will get you there.

Very easy to do with M4L if you have it

I have M4L but never built anything. I’ll need to have a look into it. Thank you.

then that might work?

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This was released very recently:


Brilliant, this is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks. :raised_hands:t2: And I can modulate the prob with the midi LFO device, which is great too.