Problem using switch and earthsea / norns

hey everyone,

i recently got a monome switch so that i could record patterns in to earthsea and switch over to norns mlr to live sample the patterns. however, i found that when i switch over from earthsea to norns, it makes the earth sea pattern stop looping. at other times, when i have a pattern stoped in earthsea and i switch over to norns, it makes the pattern start playing when its unwanted. the behavior is the same when switching from earthsea to ansible.

i just installed the latest earthsea firmware, 1.9.4 though it is very likely i did something wrong as i have absolutely no knowledge of terminals. i followed the steps on the monome site and this is this is what is saw in the terminal

any one experience this issue ? any advice would be greatly appreciated

unfortunately I can’t help you with the firmware or how to navigate the terminal as my knowledge is inadequate. Although, I have been using a monome switch with earthsea/norns and ansible/norns successfully. The only (non)issue is when swapping back to mlr i have to touch a key to activate the leds. Basically i’m just here to say it is possible, someone with more knowledge should be along shortly :sun_with_face: good luck!!! one more thing… your videos are great!!!


wow, thank you for checking it out. glad you like it. always extra stoked when lines members like my stuff.

glad to hear it’s possible to get this switch working. looking forward to getting the setup more stable because when it does work, using norns mlr / earthsea is way amazing.

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so what is currently the problem? is your earthsea not working?

earthsea stops a looping pattern when i switch to norns. and sometimes it starts a pattern if i have it paused and i switch to norns. this happens when i switch to ansible too.

i tried installing the latest firmware, hence i put the screenshot up in my original post to see if i had done it correctly.

ah, i see it now. i apologize for my confusion.

does the earthsea pattern stop when you move the plug manually instead of using the switch?

i just tried that and yes, earthsea stops when i “hot swap” / do not use switch. sometimes it does not stop, but starts the pattern over when i hot swap. this behavior occurs when i use switch sometimes too. also noticed that earthsea will sometimes start a pattern if it is paused and i use switch or hot swap. my apologies in advance for the confusion as it is kind of hard to describe all the inconsistencies.

got it. which grid edition are you using? i’m saying this because some pretty old grids (a very narrow edition) had a bug where they’d have the keys in an uncertain state on startup and blast some random keys at startup— and the ansible module is likely less immune to than a computer with serialosc (which would basically throw them away)

i have a grayscale 128 grid

hey so i’m still having issues using switch to jump between earthsea and norns mlr. before, i couldn’t sample earthsea because patterns would stop ( or start when unwanted ) when i swithed to mlr. the issue remains only now with the latest update, norns often seems to freeze when i switch to it. sometimes earthsea doesn’t show up on the grid too. again, i have a grayscale 128 grid, are they the grids you know to have an issue with switch?

also, is anyone else using switch with norns? or switch at all? any sort of tip would be greatly appreciated

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i’ll do some testing with a switch, gs, norns, es. will get back to you, i’m very sorry for the trouble!


No worries. I know you are probably swamped right now. Thank you very much

tested and confirmed the bug after some switching. it’s on the list:

in the meantime i wouldn’t recommend this configuration with the gs and the switch.

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I have experienced similar issues with the switch, and walnut grid.
(Just adding to exchange above)

thank you very much. very nice to know i’ts not just me haha. it really would be a dream setup to have norns mlr and earthsea togeheter.

As a slight side step to this, what is the best way to change over from say ansible, earthsea and norns, without the switch module?

Recording in MLR then changing to modular and back, the grid flashes as I plug it back into norns but then doesn’t light up or respond until I re-launch MLR, meaning I have to start again.

I don’t use external power for my grid.

Any thoughts/workarounds appreciated!

hot-swapping should just work with both modules and norns. what grid are you using and which norns version?

Using grayscale grid, purchased band new from monome in (I think) May last year, and latest software version of norns.

sorry for bumping an old topic but I’m having some problems using switch with meadowphysics and norns and probably is not worth creating a new topic.

I’m using switch to swap my grid between meadowphysics and norns (norns is sending cv/gate to crow).
sometimes when switching from norns to meadowphysics, norns just freezes. it becomes completely unresponsive, I have to shut it down with the reset button. this happens several times a day.

I have norns, crow and meadowphysics with the latest updates/firmware and I have one of the new grids. this is not specific to a norns script.

if I swap the usb cable from meadowphysics to norns, this does not happen, it only happens using switch and it also happens without using crow.
so, probably a switch issue?..
does anyone have a similar situation? how can this be solved?

we noticed a bug pop up recently that possibly crashes norns when you disconnect a usb device.

hoping to have it fixed very soon, apologies for the trouble. norns is the issue, not switch.