Problem with Arduinome and monome_test

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum and I need help to solve a problem with my arduinome . The problem and the connection between arduionome monome_test and , when I do test my arduinome not recognized, but if I open polygone for example , Sum, obo , my arduinome is recognized and working properly . You can give some advice ??
my OS and os x 10 .
Thanks in advance

say it’s a problem of serialOSC ??

I noticed that there ’ a new serialOSC 1.4

are you using max 7? it has the newest serialosc.maxpat included.

I use max 7 . could you give me the link to download the latest version of serialosc.maxpat ? thanks

serialosc.maxpat downloaded and monome : 6 test and now everything works . thanks :slight_smile: