Problem with Mark Eats Sequencer


I have a weird problem with the Mark Eats Sequencer (possibly the Monome or Ableton but i doubt it). It sends less volume on the 1 beat than on the rest of the beats. Can it be some kind of accent i put on all other than the 1? Anyone else experienced this?


It’s part of the SP-1200 emulation. Uncheck ‘velocity groove’ and you should see straight velocity :smile:

Fantastic. Thanks dude!

@markeats just another question now i have you:

I am trying to run the sequencer through the “pages” app so i can work the sequencer and the triggers and faders on the Monome, but i can’t seem to figure out what the OSC prefix/values are. I saw you were discussing this on an old forum (from 2013). Can you give me directions?

Btw great work on the sequencer!

Here’s a summary of the Pages situation (honestly, it’s not perfect):