Problems while setting up Monome64

Hi everyone,

Sorry to be such a pain, but I recently acquired a monome64 and have had the greater difficulties while trying to run.
Is there anyone here willing to provide a 101lesson on how to set up the monome64 ? Led lights lit while pressing on " test mode " in the monome serial app.

Here’s what I downloaded : MAX7, monome serial ( what do I have to type into address pattren prefix ? ), java as well as mlr application…
Please help…
Thanks again

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you need to start here:

monomeserial was obsoleted a very long time ago. where did you see a reference to it?

Hi tehn,

I just downloaded and installed FTDI and Serial OSC 1.4…I have ableton 8 plus MaxMSP 5.1.9 running…
What should I do then after dowloading FTDI and Serial OSC ?


Here’s my basic set-up…

Live 8
MaxforLive 5
Java runtime environment
FTDI VCP driver ( dowloaded )
sevenup for Maxlive

several pateches downloaded as well such as MLR ( whcih I think I need to drag into sevenupcore while using Live 8 )

Main problem is my monome doesn’t seem to get connected with sevenupcore on Live 8… What did I miss ???

I’m not a sevenup user so not a great expert on it; but it’s one app, and other apps don’t require it. Can you get other apps working - e.g. MLR? Or remix which is an excellent upgrade from MLR that works within Live (although can’t guarantee it works in Live 8)

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Hi Declutter

thanks for your message ! Which file from MLR folder should I drag into ableton ? I saw people are also mentioning exconf for monome…how to get it and is it essential ?

Never heard of it. MLR is an app that runs completely separately from Ableton, so doesn’t need to be dragged into an Ableton folder.

Things sound a bit confused. Tehn linked to some instructions above, I think it would help if you methodically worked through them and explained what worked and what didn’t.

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Finally managed to figure it out. thanks to Tehn instructions…Got MLR up and running yet, no sounds are produced… This time I have dragged and dropped audio files from the MLR bank right into the uppeer-right hand corner box. I have also turned up volumes in DAC, THRU and the four other boxes on the right hand.
I can see my monome is recognized and seems to respond …
Can you please help me ?

Have you set Max to use the correct outputs on your audio interface?
Max 7 - it’s in Options/Audio Status.

Driver : Core Audio
Input : Fast track
Output : Fats Track

Input 32

Looks ok.

I don’t know about the mlr bit - sorry - it’s been years since I used it and my memory of how it all works is pretty much non-existent!

You could try this quick Max patch just to check that you’re getting audio out of that. Then you’ll know the issue is definitely something to do with the setup in mlr. Double click the dac to get the audio status window then turn on the dac as you have above.

audio test.maxpat (2.1 KB)

this is a hilariously old version, i’d be astounded if it worked.

try mlrv: (use max7)

or (as stated before) remix which is for ableton: -re:mix- {m4l app}