Problems with receiving midi in Live 9 on Windows 10

Hello! Hoping to get some help with a strange problem. I’m running Live 9 on Windows 10 and can’t get Ableton to receive MIDI from my midi interface.

My setup:
Audio - Motu Ultralite mk3 Hybrid
Midi - Motu Express 128

The weird part is that using the mme/DirectX audio driver allows midi to be received and routed within Ableton. But using the Ultralite’s ASIO driver prevents Ableton from receiving midi. No light from the MIDI in track indicator-- just nothing. I understand that ASIO isn’t supposed to effect anything to do with MIDI, but unfortunately in my case it seems to interfere.

I tried switching to the ASIO4All driver but similar to the mme/DirectX driver that prevents me from using more than a stereo pair as input and output on my audio interface. I’ve tried reinstalling drivers without any luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!