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20 characters of AI being a shameless liar.


Lol. That’s a good wild guess at the syntax though.

Nevertheless I see Teletype/ChatGPT or other as a powerful text to music generator system but I don’t know anything about ML engineering to train a model on the syntax.

it succeeded in so far as it discerned teletype is a programming language that has tokens separated by spaces. as many of you know, this is true for almost all programming languages, so i’m not going to award it any points for that.

let’s be very clear about just how wrong this is:

  • note is not an operator
  • it seems to assume that midi note names are valid tokens, which they are not
  • it is not aware of the 6 line limit
  • “module’s settings” is vague at best, more just suggesting that its training data made it aware that midi notes normally have a duration and this should be mentioned for legitimacy. the closest approximation of note duration is trigger time, which is not a setting but a realtime variable
  • “sending” a script to teletype again is just vague assumptions about computer-stuff. the two ways to “send” a script are to type it manually, or load it from a usb-stick— neither of which evoke “send”
  • if somehow note was indeed valid, there is suggestion of relation to or awareness of the output capabilities
  • there is no awareness of time. to play this as a “sequence” (rather than an all-at-once cluster) you’d need a timing component involved, like a metro (though there are numerous ways to do this, if you have the actual capability to reason simple problems, which this robot doesn’t)

(if someone wants to post a correct answer to the prompt above that’d be quite amusing)

what’s particularly frustrating about the chatgpt response is the confidence that it exudes— that it’s trying to fool us, like some slimy crypto salesman. for its level of capability, the chatgpt programmers should’ve instilled a copious amount of humility and qualification in the responses of their creation. can you imagine if what it actually said was:

“i’m sorry but i only have a small amount of information about teletype, but here’s my best guess about how its syntax works. it’s probably wrong, so be sure to check an official source.”


The book Quasi una Fantasia by Theodore Adorno has a section in it called “Vers une musique informelle” which I recently read and wanted to see what ChatGPT would say. First it claimed it was a book written by Pierre Boulez. Then it claimed it was a “book length work” by Boulez, one of his most important writings no less! Either way I can’t find anything by Boulez titled: “Vers une musique informelle”. I think ChatGPT is making things up here too.