Programmed Chord Changes Midi Effect Vst?

Hi hi,

I want to be able to program a chord progression in a midi effect vst, where as I play or record a session with the 12 tones of c-major on my midi keyboard it automaticaly transposes to the corresponding 12 tones of the programmed chords, as you play through.

I’m running Ableton live 9 intro. So something that works with that is prefered.


My first suggestion was going to be Schwarzonator II and the accompanying Little Brother device, but that won’t work on the intro version of Live. Might be worth upgrading for if you have the means? I’ve not dabbled in VSTs that offer this capability, but searching for Scharzonator alternatives might yield some results for you.

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Thank you, that looks like what I need. Yeah maybe an upgrade would be needed. If someone knows a developer that has something like this that works in intro, I’d still be happy to know.

while we’re at it, does anyone know an application which can recognize the key an audio file is in and alternatively what key a midi file is in. So per part, what key it’s in.


If you’re on OSX, you could use Keyfinder. It’s open source. :smile:

As for chords, I’m pretty sure you can make your own chord presets in Cthulhu

It also has a lot of built in ones.

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Ah, yes, that’s a good suggestion too! I’ve only ever really used it as an arpeggiator, but good call.

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