programming norns over serial

I’d like to program my norns over the serial connection through plugging stock norns into a PC through the power socket, due to the fact that my wifi connection is unstable. I would use the hotspot mode on norns but while connected to the hotspot I can’t see other stuff on the internet, so I’d like to use serial. I can transfer my programs across to norns over serial, but is there some way to access a matron REPL over serial, or a more complete development environment?

hi hi! hope all’s well :slight_smile:

yes! once connected via serial + terminal, you can execute maiden repl (source) .

the information at development setup | norns community hasn’t yet been added to the main docs, but the tips + videos there should cover getting started. here’s a great overview from @tyleretters:

please let us know if we can help with anything else!


cool! Is there some way to mount norns over serial the same way that tyler does with sshfs?

nope. gotta use your 1970 mindset for that transport.

you can transfer files with a modest amount of faff

(quoting myself ffrom discord)

(oh, i see you already know how to trasnfer files. well i’ll leave that there anyway. it’s a recipe that does not require any additional tools to be installed over norns base image so will work in a pinch)

i install emacs-nox on my nornses…


Oh kermit and sweet sweet memories from another æon. Zmodem was big for chatting (“qusoing”) while downing the weekly QWK packages. In the future maybe llllllllines will work over uucp…?