an evolving collection of modular laptop tools (mainly) based in max for live (presently).


Ableton Live
Max for Live
some apps require either a 128 or 64 grid from monome

hopefully some non-ableton or grid requirin’ things coming in the future.


(pls contribute your ideas)


for info, convos, more recent versions, and issues pls reference individual device threads:

Dirge - broken downsampling / country roads
Ekphras - digital tape loop
Anachronism - asynchronous digital tape looping interface for grids
Anaphora - a variation on mlr for grids. rough around the edges.
Synecdoche - quantized grid keyboard
Hospital_food - m4l impression of nlc’s let’s splosh modulator
Assonance - wrapper for Surreal Machines’ sallen key filter
Enueg - nebulous buffer device
Alliterate - dual varispeed delay lines
Spondee - turns the mac trackpad into 4 simultaneous midi faders
Colloquial - hardware-modeled saturation in max for live pulled from @Rodrigo’s TPV

(putting these all together mainly for my own portfolio linking reasons, but maybe it’s handy and less confusing to have stable versions all in one place. hopefully it doesn’t turn into a versioning nightmare to keep these all together alongside the individual repos. as mentioned, the versions here may be behind those linked in other threads.)

anyway: may the rest of this thread exist to share processes, sounds, and new ideas for the prosody suite ! wooo


here or



Do I understand correctly that if I download Prosody, I do not need to download the individual M4L devices you have on your GitHub?

Wonderful stuff, by the way! Many thanks.

@eblomquist yup that was mostly how it worked for me!

prosody is so incredible for processing @andrew!
making subtle adjustments to aural perspective (w/ timbral + spatial tweaks) is a key part of my workflow

have to share what your apps are capable of…

dirge / assonance / ekphras (x2) really elevated this session


we need a glia show where the sound system is very large. like stadium-ish


@andrew you are a machine! thank you for all these m4l devices

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there was a time when my friend and i tried to convince the folks at dia:beacon to let us play an extended drone installation in the museum basement

i’d be happy playing anywhere there is natural reverb (or access to aaltoverb/moisturizer etc)

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