Prototyping Nearness, a minimal panning mixer module


I need a TELEXn in my life right now.
So hard to stay patient … :smiley:


A 2hp Nearness would really hit the spot right now! Any updates?


Well - I’ve completed the initial build and assembly on the TXn (2HP nearness). Here they all are waiting for QA, accessorizing, and boxing:

I’m really happy with how the build turned out. The little jigs and things that I 3D printed and lasercut in order to make the assembly work really panned out. Here are a few in the process of being connected together:

They took a lot longer to assemble than I thought they would. 9 jacks, two boards, 12 interconnects, power, and two three-pin jumper points for each unit (not counting the panel and the 9 knurled nuts).

More shots of the build are up on my IG Feed or website.

So - I’ve still to QA them, accessorize them, and box them up. I’ve spot-checked the units and everything is looking good, so I’m not assuming any crushing problems here.

Additionally, they are waiting on the other builds that I’m doing. I’ve completed all of the TXb (2HP i2c busboards) and need to QA and box those too. Also, I’m finishing up a third round of TXo and TXi modules. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the final assembly on those.

I’m planning to put everything in the store at the same time out of kindness to those that have to pay international shipping (and my own personal sanity). I have no time estimate - but now that I’m through my spring and summer of crazy, out of pocket travel hell - I don’t think that it will be much longer before everything is ready.


So they’re going to be for sale on your website? Definitely interested!


Yes. Up at - though I do still need to finish up the rest of the build before they will hit the store. You can sign-up to be notified when they hit the store on that page.:slight_smile:


Any updates for when the 2hp nearness will be available for sale? :slight_smile:


Not too long now. The build is done. I’ve also finished QA on the TXn and am about to start boxing them.

I do have a wee bit of QA left on the TXo and TXi and am waiting for some Teensy processors to land. I’ll also have to box the remainder of those guys. Once everything is together, I’ll announce here on the forum a date and time for the sale to open. I’m going to be making everything available at the same time in order to make things less expensive for international folks (so the shipments can be bundled together).

Sorry I don’t have an exact date, I fit this work in on nights and weekends. Trust me that I’m pushing to get it done as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! And really, thanks so much for all your work going into this, an amazing effort for the community for something so widely useful and usable for us all. I wish there was something I could do to help.

I want to use one with a RxMx and Rosie :slight_smile:


Very much looking forward to your 2hp module. Just to double-check in case that changed during the development of either Nearness or your Remix: The inputs on the very ends of the module are completely panned to the respective side, right? So one can insert a stereo signal there.


the panning is identical for the 2hp nearness as its bigger brother. the far inputs are not “hard panned” and do have a small bit of signal presence in the opposite output. if you daisy-chain them in the furthest inputs, your panning field will change for the upstream units. it is actually pretty cool as it creates a more complex stereo field. if you want to have the exact panning positions carried over from multiple units, you will want to feed each into another mixer (i’ve used a pair of unity mixers for this).



How elaborate of a task would it be to change it to hard panning behaviour?


You’d need to desolder the two resistors marked R2 and R13 (on the original 3hp Nearness - might be different on the 2hp TXn).


That’s great! Not too much of a hassle!


It will be as easy on the 2hp - though I’m sure the part numbers are different. (I’m on an old mac right now as my main machine is back in the shop at apple (3rd visit - grrrrrr) and don’t have the latest Eagle on it to check and find the part numbers.) I should note that doing so will void the manufacturer’s warranty. :wink: :wink: :wink:


I hope to get the 2hp of this when it comes out! Does anyone recommend a companion fixed filter?


What’s the state of this project? Can you build it from the oshpark PCBs here:

And the mouser cart:


Those PCBs are the right ones, yes.

I don’t know about the Mouser cart. The BOM in the repo has the parts I used, and can be imported into Mouser or DigiKey.


Thanks for the reply. I think I can figure out the BOM from your repo.

How can I order a face plate?


I thought I’d give this a try and build it, but the parts are hard to get. Mouser and Digitkey are both not able to ship some of the 805 caps and diodes. Tayda, has some of the 805 parts, but they don’t have 22u caps.

So frustrating.