Prototyping Nearness, a minimal panning mixer module


This feature request piqued my interest, but perhaps not in the way it intended.

What module or combination of modules could you pair with Nearness to offer the user some control over which audio streams go to which inputs? I suggested MUTE 4: that wouldn’t help you move a signal from a left pan to a right, but it would allow you to select which combination of signals made it to a particular pan location.

Thanks for your thoughts.


i guess i was thinking about my erica switch in random mode. sending a vco to any number of nearness inputs, throwing that oscillator around in the stereo field. alternatively, it would be wild to have two erica switches…up to 8 voices randomly selected and sent to 1 output -> second switch, randomly selected and sent to any number of nearness inputs…so random voices strewn randomly across the stereo field.

granted, you might run into some clicks and pops depending on your sound sources, but for the kind of sounds i am interested in, clicks and pops are welcomed.


this is kinda brilliant


This sounds like a job for ADDAC214 VC rotator!


this project is looking rad! lacking DIY experience, if anyone were building a few of these stateside i’d gladly throw some $$s at one


I grabbed @burn’s third Nearness.

This is great. It’s so simple and useful I’m immensely surprised it hasn’t been done before. Congrats to @billyhologram for the idea and taking it through to fruition, and respect to Burn for a great build and prompt delivery.

I’ve used in on the latest Disquiet Junto (0323) to place two sounds left and right and then use a sequential switch to move another across from one side to another. Just trying it out really.

Great module, great community.


Regarding the 2HP Remix of Nearness

Hi. I’ve put a product page up on my shopify site that provides information and allows you to express interest in my version of the module. Just hop up there and click on the “Express Interest” button if you are, um, interested. :wink:

The pricing listed is an estimate and could change based on final costs and volume. Final panels will match my TELEX expanders (satin aluminum with knurled nuts for the pots).

As I’m currently building a run of the TXo expanders, the plan is to collect interest in the 2HP Nearness for a week or so and then pull the trigger on the panels and parts for the build, which will happen once the TXo are finished.

It should also be noted that a portion of the sale of each module will be contributed back to @billyhologram to a) support his further efforts and b) say “thank you” for designing such a cool, open-source module.


As a few of you have learned (from my DMing) I’m a hard yes on a 3HP. Reading back through the thread it does appear that there are plans afoot for one or more of you folks to take a run at those: I will be Patient.


Successful build checking in! Pcb panel worked well. Also the first time i’ve laid out a panel, and the first time ive used this pcb service for panels.

If anyone in Australia wants boards, I’ve got a few spares i’ll pass on at cost. And if anyone’s searching for a built unit I could do that too. I don’t have a great deal of time but they are a very quick build!


Really happy that you’re going ahead with this! Again, this seems like a great option for the folks who want a 2hp version. I also love that the panel marks the outputs as o and o.

Nice work! Also, cool of you to offer to build modules with your spare boards.

On that note, I also have a small number of leftover boards that I could turn into modules, with plain aluminium panels (as seen above). Get in touch if you want one. Fair warning: shipping from Australia.


Successful builds checking in!

One thing I found is that with 90º headers for the gain, it seemed like with jumpers it was going to hang off the edge of the board, so I just used vertical headers which was totally fine!

I’ve got 4 spare black&gold panels if anyone DIYing their own is interested, pm me for details.


Looking good!

With the Tayda headers and jumpers in the BOM, this isn’t an issue, but might be with others. A minor benefit of using right-angle headers is that you can move the jumpers without taking the module apart.


that makes sense, the one’s I’ve got lying around were much longer. It would be nice to have the option to move it w/o taking it apart, but its a pretty minor difference. thanks for the pic!



These look very good. I’m interested in some panels, I’ll send you a PM.


Edit: both modules on hold

I have two extra modules for sale PM for details. I’m only charging for materials and shipping from westcoast US. I’ll take some hi-res pics of the boards or fronts if people are interested.

Many thanks to billyhologram and everyone in this thread, this has been a really cool project.

Front panels are 3d printed, I used the nearness .svg as a template. The .stl is here if anyone needs a starting place for their own panels. ( this is the 3hp design )


Thanks so much, @billyhologram! :heart_eyes: Can’t wait to rack this up!

I’ve got a 4MS SMR inbound… that should be an interesting combo…


If anyone is ordering these PCBs (2hp preferred, but doesn’t matter), I’d love to pick one up! Built would be even more ideal!


I’m doing a run of the 2HP remix soon. Awaiting on panels (PCBs in hand).


I need to place an enormous order from you one of these days, Brendon…


I’ve “expressed interest” in this but would prefer a 2HP with a nice panel :slight_smile: