Prototyping Nearness, a minimal panning mixer module


0_0 Please post an example of the SMR through it when you have it all racked up! That will sound so dope!


Works perfectly!


For those interested, I’ve just added the files for the black and gold PCB panel to github.
If you make some panels, please share images!


Fresh Batch! Check out my FS post if you want to pick one up!


Mass production for small masses. Can’t hold a candle to a @bpcmusic jig, but did get the job done.


Hey guys. Is anybody ordering pcb/panels in europe? I would like to build one of them but ordering in such small quantity is way expensive. Ideally I would like to join somebody who is already making an order and pay for materials and for shipping from you to me (Italy).


20 characters of thanks to @bmoren!


Rocking the exact same Nearness + Rosie combo. So good.


I’m gonna do that too! Nearness seems like Rosie’s best friend. And anyone who’s a friend of Rosie is a friend of mine. :blush:


I love the concept of this. It makes so much sense to my brain.

I’d be really interested in buying/building one of these. What would be the easiest way to get hold of the appropriate stuff in the UK? :slight_smile:


Love this one! Thinking about to order a few. I‘m located in Germany so maybe we can organize a small groupbuy for europe!?
Will check prices later today…
So let me know if you are interested


I would be interested!


ok cool. Just checked. PCB set is quite easy. Would be 3-4€ for a set. Panels is bit more difficult. Never done that before.

One option would be to use blank aluminum panels and drill them at home. so no print…just pure aluminium.
like these:

The other option would be pcb material. As I said I never did this before. Some in this thread did this so maybe they could help out with some information on choices like silkscreen, Surface Finish, solder mask etc…


I posted the files for a PCB panel above, but re posting here in case you missed it!

You can get them manufactured with any PCB maker. whatever color solder mask they make the boards in will be the main panel color and whatever color the copper is will be the indication on the front. ENIG is gold. otherwise it’ll likely be silver.


I got my PCBs from OSH Park. $21.10 USD for three sets, including worldwide shipping, somehow. You can definitely get them cheaper elsewhere, especially if you order 10 or more.

For panels, drilling holes in a blank is the cheapest option, but there’s a design above for an aluminium panel by @joshhh that you can order from Front Panel Express or Schaeffer, as well as one for a PCB panel by @laborcamp/@bmoren.

If you’d prefer to buy a built module, I believe @bmoren still has a few to sell. I have a few as well. Finally, @bpcmusic is gathering interest for a production run of his 2hp remix.


Wow. Cool thank you! Although I like the pure aluminium option too!


I’m currently on holiday, though I might be able to be convinced to a) sort out PCBs/panels for at least a UK crew and b) maaaabe I could be talked into making some. Maybe.


Things are going really well with the 2HP remix of nearness. I’ve built the first production tests with all of the final parts, PCBs, panels, and assistive tooling. Here is a front and back view.

It will still be a bit until they are up for sale as I’m working to have a number of modules ready for shipping at the same time. Register up at the TXn Page at to get notified when they are made available.

Expand to See TXn Build Pornography

TXn with its siblings:

3D printed frame holding 8 TXn back boards:

TXn manual pick-n-place build guide:

3D printed SMD stencil frames and lasercut stencils:



I don’t know if this question was already addressed but how does the module handle the headroom with 7 different audio sources?


I don’t have any measured data driven response to give you, just anecdotal:

I can plug a wide range of mono and stereo sources ( rings, JF, clouds, verbos HO, er-301, Mangrove x2 ) into it at the same time and the output/headroom is ‘no problem’