Prototyping Nearness, a minimal panning mixer module


There is a feature in the design of the original and 2HP remix to allow you to attenuate the signals if things are too hot. I haven’t needed to use them, but they would certainly help if you were running into an overload situation. You can see them in my photos above.

Here are the original details:


Maybe interested :slight_smile: I’m not in the UK, but pretty close!


You may want some attenuators in-line depending. Filling 6 inputs from 2 loudly self-oscillating 3 Sisters got some clipping, 3 or 4 inputs no. Pretty hot signals though.


In the works – 6hp, 7 attenuators. I’m testing flip-flop pots at the moment for ability to solder up a right or left side version.

I was also making a small output module to accompany these, but the new ALM one was basically the same thing


Love the idea of adding attenuators - love it love it love it.


I want this so much in the world!


Anyone did a run of pcbs and have one or two spares that they want to sell/trade? I’m based in UK. so EU would be great!


bit late to the game — i’d be very interested. exactly what i was looking for.
in germany myself but also fairly well connected to the uk … :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in PCB/panel, although I’ve never done any SMD soldering before this seems like an easy module to practice on


It’s a pretty good SMD starter, but there are some 0603 capacitors which are not as beginner friendly.


How do you say:


In twenty characters?



If you’ve never done SMD before, grab a few SMD practice kits on eBay. They cost about a dollar. Really takes the stress out of it.


I need some TXn Nearness in my nearness!
Seriously love to have one of these in 2hp but my god, my DIY skills are not up to scratch. Interest expressed!


This little module is such a great idea! I’m an avid Synth DIY hobbyist and I’d love to get my hands on a couple of pcbs and panels to build, if that’s a thing that’s happening.


do anyone have a spare panel for it?


I don’t have any at the moment, but you can order PCB panels using the files I posted above.



ohh that looks special


looks amazing. are the top and bottom pots to attenuate the left and right channel outputs?


No, there will be 7 attenuators for the inputs only, with these you should be able to build your output levels. the sort of go diagonally. I’ve made the 2hp stereo output for that task, eventaully I might adapt a 8 or 10hp full nearness ‘final stage’ module which combines the original nearness with the pots for the 7 inputs and a stereo output. I’m doing it in pieces for now to make sure that everything comes together before going all the way.
After all, this is a modular system, so I figure the output is perhaps best left to another module of your choice.

This is by no means a final layout, but I’ve really just started getting it together.