//// punctuated equilibrium : lcrp.2019.equinox.2 ////

Oops! Heh. Good to bump this thread today though.


My track is in, too

Have a great weekend everyone!!


I’m nearly (but not quite) finished with my track.

I’m not going to start mastering until Sunday 9/29, so if you need a little more time, you have a little more time.

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OMG I wrote down the 26th as the deadline and thought I had a few days to contribute :rofl: Will be making something ASAP.


Apologies for the wait!


thank you!!
my jaw hit the ground when i saw the artwork. it’s amazing!!
will download and listen soon :slight_smile:

sounds so great
fantastic work everyone
thanks @jasonw22 @dnealelo @papernoise for the amazing cd


Sounding great! Well done all.
I really like the cover too @papernoise


@howthenightcame and @Jet thanks a lot really glad you like it!!! a bit chunk of the credit for the idea goes to @jasonw22 and @dnealelo. We were brainstorming about possible ways to represent the idea of “punctuated equilibrium” without being too obvious and played – among other things – with various concepts related to things that change over time, fork, split etc. A central concept that came up at one point was “concurrence” and @dnealelo mentioned network streams in river deltas. @jasonw22 then posted this amazing map of the Mississipi river.
As you can see I took quite a bit of inspiration from there. The colours and the overall shapes are obviously heavily inspired by the map, but I tried to reduce it to its fundamental concept, to its essence: i.e. to the flow of things and to the concurrency of distinct moments.
I like how this process is somehow related to what often happens LCRP, where you take somebody else’s wortk and turn it into something else.

This LCRP turned out really well I have to say! It’s short but sweet. Great work everybody!


Just listening and love it so far! Thanks all for the effort gone into this.

My track is an all granular composition. The only sample used is 6th Gear from @jasonw22.

I was watching this Curtis Roads interview again, and got a bit stuck on this section at 3.40ish - “the sounds are born, they live, they change, they meet other sounds, they collide, one sound destroys another, they merge together, they get married, they get divorced, they get unstable, they change identity, they mutate and then they die…”

It felt like there was some parallel here on macro / micro scale to the theme. A bit like when you look at a photo, and can’t work out if its a river delta shot from the air or a square inch of something in close up. So yeah, Roads inspired microsound punctuations.


Just downloaded and plan to listen soon! Thanks so much @jasonw22 and @papernoise for everything you did!

I imagined this prompt would pull for longer a form, but the more I worked on it, the more compact the piece got. In the end I’m satisfied with it, especially musically, but getting it to work within the idea of punctuated equilibrium was much harder than I anticipated.

The idea of PE is expressed here through multiple transitions marked by punctuations, one probably very obvious, another less so, and a handful of small ones. It was more serendipitous than purposeful, but most all the transitions tend toward increasing organization, which felt appropriate, as this is how I think of the definition of life (i.e., as the opposite of entropy).

Nearly all of the sounds were products of combining samples in different ways:

Of the three samples I used directly, two were chopped up in Live’s Simpler (@jasonw22’s flute ensemble and @SYS2064’s first equilibrium); the third (@_mark’s second equilibrium) was just a small ~15 second fade-in-and-out, as I had already used the entire sample in the above convolution.

I experimented with using Max to FM some samples together, but none of the results were satisfying. Everything ended up being done in Live, its native effects, some M4L plug-ins, and Valhalla Vintage Verb, with a final normalization in Audacity.


this album came out really well!! the songs are diverse, but coherent enough to make an open and welcoming sound world.

I’m probably embarrassing myself here, but - without thinking too closely about the initial prompt - these are the images that came to me while listening.

@dnealelo overgrown jungles creep into the Los Angeles as depicted in Blade Runner, where new kinds of birdsong are heard

@jasonw22 a church organ recital from the submerged city of Atlantis, sounds escaping from bubbles reaching the ocean surface

@abalone Morse Code messages of hope floating up out of orange dust clouds

@_mark a diverse selection of entries from an ancient encyclopedia entitled “things that whales think”

@samarobryn creatures are burning books at night to stay warm under a winter sky - according to the encyclopedia “things that whales think”, whales think that these book-burners worship the Milky Way

So: water, aquatic creatures, birds, different forms of language, cities. I guess there is a kind of evolution in there?!

I’m heading back in for another listen. thank you everyone…


I have no idea what whales think, but I love how you think! Delightful comments…


I’m a bit pressed for time so this will be brief for now [will write more later]. Thanks so much @jasonw22 and @papernoise - also that coverart is DOPE!

Love the variations and how all the tracks are genuinely ‘community’ - this was so much fun!


It made me think of braided rivers, like this:


The concept of many small flows splitting and combining, while still forming part of a whole, is a pretty easy metaphor to apply to a lot of creative work imo.


Yes! That’s exactly what we were talking about.


Just wondering if there are plans for a Solstice LCRP this year?


I need to take a break, but if folks want to organize one without me, I’ll be happy to share the Bandcamp password with the organizer.


@papernoise caught an unintentional resemblance between the old album art for this release, and another earlier release that was shared with the lines community.

To avoid confusion, I’ve updated the cover art for Punctuated Equilibrium, using a remix of @papernoise’s original artwork.


Nice idea and the remixed cover looks really good too

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