Puredata! (thread)


Yep, Automatonism plays nicely with Organelle. It’s friendly to the point where it’s an accessible alternative to learning PD if you want to program musical ideas on the Organelle.


I’ve been looking at the Organelle for awhile now and it is nice to know that it plays nicely with Automatonism. I was debating between that or picking up a Pisound and figuring out my own interface. I have no experience with DIY electronics projects, so it is a little intimidating but would be a good learning experience. Of course with the Pisound I could just hook up a MIDI controller and not worry about building my own interface.


+1 for organelle. folks are making grid apps for it now. i’m loving it.



As someone with no programming or electronics experience, reading this was super inspiring for me. What an impressive first project!


hey folks
i am trying to run the pd libs meadophysics --white whale etc on linux 64 [ubuntu] and the pd externals all build but they do not load, i am wondering if anyone else is on linux with these working inside pure data and using a grids?


Are there any otehr pd monome users out here that want to throw in for some apps?
i found this older one for i think 64 size monomes that seems pretty well developed
but for me it woudl need to be updated to the serialosc etc. but it’s quite nice


Is there an MLR application running on Puredata?
Many thanks


I used it quite a few years ago, but I fondly remember my experience with Axiome:

Do not know if it still works with current Pd-Extended externals or its state


hey are there any folks with any progress on this
i think it would be cool if we can update it for 128 grids
i have a sample loader i can add to it for sure


@shreeswifty, I noticed in @josephbranciforte’s thread that you were requesting assistance with the monome/osc stuff.

Have you seen this yet?

Do you have specific questions that the above link does not answer?



Hey folks
took a break from monome stuff for a night to explore a set of plugins that from my research seem to come from the Reaper DAW system - jsusfx
i found after some hunting a few very nice “plugins” in the form of a .c file that with the pd external someone was kind enough to author make for some really interesting sound


what you do is you place the code file in the folder and compile the script in RT or at loadbang and they make some really nice sounds

Anyone else into jsusfx?


here is the spectral drum sampler that i will be trying to adapt for grids

currently only linux64 or you can deken the externals


If you hunt through this site which is quite fun you will eventually find a patch that Bill orcutt made in 1998 and i maintained for about twenty years that Dane Law used for his album. i am in the process of updating it for organelle, piSound and Qubit


I know this is an old thread, but I just saw it - what do you think Audulus and other visual programming modulars need to up the composition game?


i think that is honestly someone who just not looking in the right places for what they want
Pd and Max are quiet connected to traditional composition environments and modern composition techniques
but if the poster means finale type composition i would ask them to clarify


Indeed. In fact, PD (and Max) were originally not that much about sound creation and much more about control structures and sound analysis…


Some kind of piano roll might be nice?
Max has Bach. And people have written all manner of grid like note entry systems for visual programming modulars, but it’s probably an area that could continue to benefit from innovation.


that’s lovely! (the improv no idea about your code :wink: )


The source code to Thomas Grill’s [vst~] external is 11 years old.

ha ha - and he took that from me - I originally wrote it much longer ago than that! blimey