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grid-studies-2-1.pd (458 Bytes)
heres the first grid studies patch that requires | routeOSC /monome/grid/key (

ah wait i think i see sorry, is this correct?



Edit : Sorry I haven’t use Puredata for months :smiley:
But I just found one of my old patches and it was connected like that. So the second outlet of SerialOsc is the “Send to monome” and the first outlet is for the data received from the monome


Create some send and receive objects and replicate these connections then use the data as you wish

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anyone tried PD with MPE controllers?

Ive just noticed on my mac (0.49 and 0.48) midi seems to stall, with MPE with more than about 3-4 notes, even the test midi/audio stalls (so not my patch)

Im pretty sure Ive tried this on the rPI/Organelle and it was fine, but I need to retest this… to make sure.

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I’ve had similar problems with puredata and polyphonic aftertouch. I think it’s to do with a system limit on the maximum number of USB MIDI messages per second:

It seems like you can have about 1000 messages per second before packets will drop, and the system/Pd can’t recover from it and requires Pd to restart before MIDI will work again. Fortunately I was having these issues with a controller I built myself, so I implemented rate limiting. I don’t know of a good solution for products you can’t make firmware changes to.



15,000 bytes is 3750msg /sec (as usb midi is fixed at 4 bytes per message) ,
and I determined this behaviour was happening at close to 1000 msgs/second.
also that report say its drops messages, not that the macOS stalls (which is doesn’t) besides I can clearly see on midi monitor that msgs are going thru - its pure data that has barfed.

anyway, a friend and I have determined that this “bug” was introduced in PD 0.48.1, as it was fine in PD 0.48.0 :frowning:

I guess I’ll just use 0.48.0 on the macOS for running for now (but dev on 49, I can throttle down for dev purposes).
anyway my main target platform is ARM so not really an issue for me… just cost me time, trying to figure out why my patch wasn’t working correctly.

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