Puredata! (thread)


Very cool! Looking forward seeing more examples!


that post by @jasonw22 about the mother-desktop organelle patch sent me on a quest to make a monome adapter for the organelle. so far i’m mimicing a keyboard on the botton row, going to try and get faders working during lunch.


running into issues with pd vanilla/deken imports on my os x machine. current fix is any plugin that is in a folder (ex: ~/Library/Pd/mrpeach or ~/Library/Pd/cyclone) you need to add the full folder path to Pd’s path. once i did that the it fixed the import errors coming from pd-extended on windows. not sure if there’ a better fix.


monome_organelle.zip (5.6 KB)

pretty rough cut, but i was haing a good time with it! top four rows are faders that map to knob 1-4 bottom left button acts as the select button, and then bottom right is a keyboard.

going to try and figure out how to send the current knob values to the faders, if anyone ends up downloading and has suggestions about how to improve the press handling i’m all ears :smile:


:slightly_smiling_face: you probably seen this…



This is what the automatonism.com folks did before they did automatonism. I bet you could use them together.


@jasonw22 indeed :slightly_smiling_face: pure data
I reached out to Johan at automatonism
to see if there were any sampler modules, or monome modules…
nice, he replied :grinning:
’no, well maybe in the future
and 'no
that’s cool
learning as I go…


Here’s a starting point for adding those monome objects…



it’s true :slight_smile:

brilliant and arcane :slight_smile:
thank you @Galapagoose


I see that both Ecosystem and Xodular are for PD extended. It says in the manual the only external that’s needed to [knob]. How could I add this to Vanilla? I’m still quite new to Pd


In Pd vanilla 0.47.1, use the “Find externals” menu to open the Deken package manager. It’s located in the Help menu if you are on a Mac. In the resulting dialog type “flatgui” (which contains knob) into the search, and double-click the result.


Thank you! Got it installed, but do I have to do something else to let Pd know that it’s there? I believe I read something about having to manually set a path…?

Thanks again!


Here’s a long discussion of the various options for path resolution in Pd vanilla. I admit I haven’t really absorbed this yet.


Thanks. This is the part that has confused me from the start. I created the Pd folder in my library folders ~/Library/Pd and also the user specific one, installed flatgui into ~/Library/Pd, created a path there in preferences, but I’m still getting a ‘flatgui: can’t load library’ error on startup


I’ll be able to work on this in about 5-6 hours and will get back to you.


realizing that this is a really good point worth revisiting.

lua has a weirdly unspecific and granular API for forced garbage collection (http://www.lua.org/manual/5.1/manual.html#pdf-collectgarbage)

i’ll be playing with parameters of collectgarbage("step", ...) in the main loop of a lua-driven realtime program on rpi3. might have more to report soon…


Thanks. This explains things.

Still… so much hassle to deal with. I hereby regard deken more as a file downloader than a package manager. :slight_smile:


Yes, finally read the page. It is very poorly written.

Since I am on a Mac, all I had to do was pick Pd > Preferences > Path menu and then click “New…” and then Cmd-Shift-G to get a field where I could paste “/Applications/Pd-0.47-1.app/Contents/Resources/extra”.

I am now able to find Help > Browser… > flatgui/ > knob-help.pd and it works without issue.

I believe the motivation for not doing this by default was so that people sharing a computer by creating multiple accounts on that computer could potentially have different library path configurations. This makes a lot of sense if you consider academic environments, etc. It was a simple enough setting to add once I realized what was required.


So now I can report that unsurprisingly Automatonism, Xodular, and ecoSYSTEM patches can all wire to one another quite happily.


getting there!