Puredata! (thread)


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ooh, wow, it’s like tidal patterns, in lisp, with Pd for audio. Three of my favorite flavors together! Can’t wait to try it.


Awesome!!! Did I see it correctly that your eval-ing code from emacs as well!? Super cool!


Due to the new arc not being recognized on windows, I switched from Max to Pure Data and SuperCollider for audio and Processing for visuals (on Ubuntu).

I made this patch called ‘Animalation’ in Pure Data. It was actually in PD-l2ork 1.0. Anyways it is a live sampler with mlr style slicing with an input recorder, pitch shifting, reverse, fm, and loop location and length.

This video is not the clearest functionality wise but that wasn’t its intention.


I hadn’t think of how Pd’s netreceive opens up possibilities for any programming language that can send UDP packets or execute “pdsend” (basically, every programming language). I’ve been hacking short Ruby code snippets recently for sequencing and getting by idiosyncrasies and constraints in Pd’s UI (like, having spaces in file names). It’s great.


I tried Purr Data (the new l2ork version) yesterday and liked it very much. To me, this is the new Pd Extended.


Hmm Purr Data…
btw. anybody know what this is supposed to be? http://l2ork.music.vt.edu/main/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/pd-l2ork-K12.jpg


Looks like this: http://ico.bukvic.net/main/pd-l2ork/


yeah… but installing pd-l2ork won’t give you any of that… so wonder what part of the program that is…


Maybe it’s the “K12” module. No idea how you get it, but I believe it’s aimed for kids <12 years I think. A bit like Sonic Pi for Pd ?

It’s not in Purr Data yet.


Oh I see, thanks. Did a search for k12 and yes, it seems like a learning environment as you said. information on Purr Data / pd_l2ork is very confusing and fragmented. The very fact that the same program is sometimes referred to as Purr Data and sometimes still as pd_l2ork says it all.
So far Purr Data seems a nice continuation of Pd Extended, though it does not really offer much more than having built-in externals it seems (well, it has curved wires instead of the straight ones found in vanilla)


Confusing and fragmented in true open source fashion. :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell Purr Data is Pd l2ork version 2.0 which basically is Pd l2ork version 1.0 with a new “Node Webkit” based cross platform UI. Pd l2ork 1.0 is still around. It uses the old tcl/tk UI library which Pd vanilla uses. Some stuff in 1.0 is not possible to use in 2.0 yet.

I was worried the performance of Purr Data would be horrible since other web based desktop apps I sometimes use (namely Atom editor) is horrible. Purr Data turns out to work well on my Thinkpad (running Windows 10).

Unlimited undo and zoomable windows means a whole lot to me. Some minor useful editing improvements are great. I hate the curved wires, though.

Patches saved with Purr Data is AFAIK backwards compatible with Pd vanilla, so it feels more like a new skin over Pd vanilla which is exactly what I want.


thx, so cool to even be on this thread
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internal dialogue…
-wait, so
hold on
that’s not the eighth button
on the bottom row?
-yeah, no, it’s button 770
-until you push it, then it’s button 771
-until you release it, then it’s button 770 again
-interesting :slightly_smiling_face:


any ever do anything with the filesystem with pd? i’m trying to figure out how to take a directory, and then list each folder in the provided directory. couldn’t find it going through the docs… failing that is my next option to write an extension?


i would use the shell object (i think it’s in pd-extra.) but AFAIK there is not a method that works the same on win/mac/linux.


looks like there’s a readdir external that does exactly what i need!

also weird, but i tried to find shell with deken couldn’t find it… (trying to see if i can get away with vanilla pd for a bit)


K12 means kindergarten to 12th grade (US based school system).


Pd-L2Ork 1.0 has K12 module built-in. You can use it by:

  1. Clicking on the shortcut that comes preinstalled with Pd-L2Ork 1.0 (it is Linux-only)
  2. Typing in the console pd-l2ork -k12 (-k12 flag will enable K12 mode)
  3. K12 mode will be ported to Pd-L2Ork 2.0, a.k.a. Purr-Data

Hope this helps!


Just learned about a couple of interesting things from @madamdata:

Their own modular environment:

A fascinating looking sequencer, from Liam Goodacre: