Puscha - ECHOLALIA | minimalist, cinematic album, sequenced by kria

Excited to share my new album, Echolalia, with you all. This community has been instrumental in helping me put this album together, through ideas and inspiration.

Most of this album was written a year ago now, originally planned for release late 2019 before being pushed back while making plans for a launch and tape release that ended up being cancelled due to COVID-19. After deliberating I decided to release it now for listeners practicing social distancing, and will focus on an event when venues are allowed to re-open. The poetic irony hidden within this is that the album is about obsessive thoughts that need release, which first came in the form of catharsis in creating music, but now comes in the form of getting this album out there.

It features heavy use of Mannequins modular suite, clocked rhythmic delays, and shifting polymetrics courtesy of kria, which was used to compose everything.

Would love to know your thoughts and feedback, and am happy to chat about patches, etc. if anyone is interested :slight_smile: Any requests for download codes feel free to DM me!

Available now on Bandcamp, and all other platforms by the 25th.


Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out this afternoon :blush:

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loving the movement and dynamics of it

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first track is great (as expected) - apparently I’m being too noisy - will listen to the rest when my partner takes the dog out :wink:

UPDATE: superb! love it

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Thanks so much @Fedor and @junklight! And would love to hear your thoughts @jacobino :slight_smile: Appreciate you all tuning in :heart:


Love the album title :smirk:
Will give this a listen for sure.
Congrats on the release.


Started playing it this morning over coffee, bought it 5 minutes in :+1:

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Haha, hmm I can see why! I also work with autistic people and experience their literal echolalia regularly :slight_smile:

So happy to hear, @ether, really appreciate the support!!

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Congrats on the release! What are the sound sources on the record, on first track especially?

Thank you!

It took me over a year for the album to come together, and there has been some big changes to my setup in that time. That first track, Hyperkinesis, was when my system was at its largest before I downsized. I used two Mangroves on the main melodic duties, an Akemie’s Castle as a backing oscillator doing percussive stabs and pads/swells, an STO on bass, some noise from a Quantum Rainbow, and an Elements and Akemie’s Taiko on percussion.

For the other tracks, other voices used were Tides - v.1 on Lazarus and v.2 on Compartmentate also with some Erbe Verb, and Telharmonic doing some percussion on Anasthesiatic, but my main voices have stayed as two Mangroves and an STO on bass :slight_smile: