Puscha - ETTERATH | Cinematic, avant-garde, electronic, improvised - sequenced with kria

I have been mostly absent from this community over the last year due to creative stagnation and general challenges of living in and out of lockdowns here in Melbourne (almost 300 days all up! And I am isolating as a close contact for a week as I write this). But in that time I have somehow managed to put together a new release that I would love to share with you all. I am hoping that putting this out there will re-ignite something that feels as if it has been missing.

Out now on Bandcamp and on streaming services by tomorrow.

Written across 2020-2021, this album encapsulates a sample of mental and emotional spaces experienced throughout the pandemic, a time spent largely in isolation.

In an attempt to feel something in a time of dwindling experiences and inspiration, these recordings perpetuate a tension and a yearning for catharsis. A quiet revolution could be felt in my spare room studio while I became familiar with temporality and transience.

Where do we go when our lives feel as if they’ve evaded continuity and linearity? What do we conceive of lost time? Has something remained within, untouched by borders and sacrifices? Many existential thoughts and questions were prompted by these last two years. Something became smaller yet clearer as the months went by.

Listening back and remembering where the last two years left me and from where I came, I am surprised that I could put together enough material that I believed in enough to release. Life was a long and arduous routine, yet slipped by as a strange, nightmarish dream. I was left with a vague memory of who I was before it all. These recordings were created as an attempt to hold on to an identity that I felt was fading, to create a memento and feel something beyond mundanity. Life never stopped, even if it sometimes felt as if it had. I wanted to make sense and meaning of these stuttered states of limbo.

Hope you can get something out of this collection of works :heart:


Purchased. I’m a big fan of everything that you do. I won’t get a chance to listen to it until the morning, but I’m really looking forward to it.

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Thanks so much, so chuffed for you to say so :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I love lots of your work, but this album feels like a real achievement for you and I was really glad to purchase it on Bandcamp. I feel completely in tune with the feelings you’ve captured in the music. Thanks for sharing about it here.

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While I was waiting for this to be available on Apple Music, I revisited your Ruminations.

And now that this is out, I am totally blown away by both records.

And also super grateful for your Kria tutorial, which I started rewatching last night.

You have given so much to this community!

Deep bows :pray: :pray: :pray:

Edit: What are you using for the wavefolding distortion? Lovely!

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Great sounds and textures, very inspirational. Took me a while to put my thoughts into words and I think I finally have:

This is the synthesizer album I wish I was capable of making. Keep up the amazing work!


I have mentioned this in another thread already where you have posted notes about your creative process regarding this release and just found this dedicated thread, but I’ll do it again:

Such a fantastic release that really struck a nerve with me! I have only today finally listened to the full release and loved every second of it. @ParliamentLite put it perfectly with the last paragraph!


Thanks so much all, I feel so humbled by such positive responses. I’m a little overwhelmed, honestly! It’s taken me a couple of days to sit with before I could feel like replying. I feel like the community’s responses are actually helping me a lot too. I’ve felt a shift over these past few days, a sense of purging by releasing these thoughts and feelings via my creative processes into the world. Receiving so many kind words and people relating to the music as well as my sentiments and what I was trying to express is helping me feel like I’m getting some sense again of why I create and it means to be creating at all.

So appreciated.

There are various things used for this, QMMG, Blades, a Meng Qi Please Exist (wired internally in my case) and an OTO BOUM used together create this kind of sound. The main oscillators are two Mangroves, though I also use a Verbos CO and HO and an STO, which all do some lovely foldy things!