Push Turn Move : Book on kickstarter

Interesting book on kickstarter about UI design of equipment, some interesting names have contributed to it.

I stumbled on it as launched, so backer #2 :slight_smile:

its about 40 euro/usd , and already hit funding goal, delivery September.


yaaaassss thanks for posting this here. i’d seen mention of the book elsewhere, but didn’t realize it was a kickstarter campaign.

looking forward to getting a copy

Looks very interesting and it will definitely see the light of day!

There are a number of people I know associated with this, both Kim himself, and others who’ll be editing and contributing; I don’t think there will be any problem with this one delivering.

Hi Friends - Thanks for discussing our book PUSH TURN MOVE here. Just stumpled across this forum. Kickstarter campaign is still running…

Please check it out here: http://bit.ly/pushturnmovebook

Lars from PUSH TURN MOVE - The book about electronic music gear

Went to the printers today. Really looking forward to it.

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Just received my copy. Wow! So beautiful.