Pushbutton Arc4 compatibility with Ansible?

Hey all,

Just picked up a 2011 Arc (shoutout to @Needles, great seller). I’ve been enjoying the functionality with some of the apps that the community here has built, but actually bought it to integrate into my modular setup. Is there any functionality for the old Arcs, or does the difference in resolution render it completely incompatible?

Also, first post on here. Hello!

Hey! I have an older arc4 push button and everything works fine. The push button does not do anything within the modular realm with the various monome modules.

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Thank you! This is what I was hoping to hear. I read a few places there are some hiccups for the older version, it’s good to hear the contrary from an actual owner. Cheers.

So the woodgrain ARCs works with all the ansible functions? why is this so hard to confirm? :slight_smile:

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Can confirm, yes they do.

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Thank you John I appreciate the info


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I imagine you have to rotate them much further (like 4x) to achieve the same results, but their protocols should otherwise match.

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I haven’t used an all aluminum arc, but my walnut arc 4 feels relatively sensitive with Orca and Ansible.

I have had all versions of the arcs and have tried them with ansible. The current one is night and day compared to the old push button in terms of speed. You barely have to touch it and it gets going fast. The old push button one takes some spinning :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t mind, but some people may.

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