[Python] ES Disting File Assistant

Hey everybody!
While I’m waiting for my Disting mk4 to arrive, I’ve decided to use some of my free time to write a Python script to automatically generate audio / MIDI playlist text files.
My initial plan is to use some of the Disting mk4 audio and MIDI algorithms so I think / hope this script will make my life easier.

Here’s the GitHub repo: https://github.com/icaroferre/Disting-File-Assistant

It’s a super simple script and, so far, it can only generate audio, MIDI and Wavetable playlists. I do plan on adding an option to create algorithm-specific playlists in the future. The script also add all relevant / available options for each file so it’s easy to “fine tune” them.

Hope this is useful for some of you :smiley:
If you’re a developer and wanna help me improve this feel free to send a pull request.