Python Operators test for Bees

When I polish up the Python code (Should be doing that from the start for good etiquette), I will post what I have running from Python using Pd as my scratchpad to get ideas out fast…

I am having trouble with DC offsets and nyquist ratios for the while etc… Alas, a sample here is this 4 Op wavetables -> ‘FM/AM/Timbre-Clipping’ - kind of prototype for bees.

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explain you’re able to translate pd and run it on aleph? how?!

Not Exactly. In Pd-Extended I can quickly get ideas out of my head in an audible and visual way, which is then made into a fresh script (usually in IDLE3 or emacs24)

I go between languages like Lisp and Python, perl, etc…, and cross-hatch ways to make the ideas work in 1 solid language.

(Not saying that Pd isn’t a solid language of its own…i just requires the Pd server as host, which isn’t what we are doing with bees)

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Trying to find my uploads…here are 2… 1 for wavetable synthesis and the other with Cos- Harmonic co-efficiants.

WaveOps_w_Cos_Shapes_4Pd_Ext.pd (2.0 MB)

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1st File:

WaveOps4Pd_Ext.pd (2.1 MB)

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