Qu-Bit Nebulae V2


been looking forward to this for a while… walkthrough of the new Qu-Bit Nebulae.

looks like it’ll do stereo i/o, accepts live input, an expanded granular engine, and a bunch of new functionality to explore.

on my wish list for sure!



Nice. Their new switch module looks like a mega Frames. Could be cool for quadraphonic performances

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yeah, exactly what i was thinking.

i really like the interpolation between memory locations idea, would like to see more manufacturers get into territory like that.

here’s the video for the synapse:



The way the Nebulae 2 sounds/deals with granulation is exactly what I always wanted Phonogene and Clouds to be. If I wasn’t so conservative with hp, now I’m at 3U, I’d be all over this!



How wide is this thing?

Edit: 20hp, as per their Twitter account.



Both of these look amazing! I really, really like my Frames, but I do think the Synapse seems to do many of the same things I like about Frames but in a more intuitive and CV-able way, such as direct control over “Intertia” rather than menu>configuring the interpolation curve (though Frames allows different interpolation for each channel, which is nice for certain things)…plus the crossfade ins/multiple mix outs add a lot of versatility.

Also I never realized that the original Nebulae can run PureData patches, and it sounds like that’ll be easier to do going forward with v2. Pretty remarkable stuff!

Edit: Scanned also looks amazing:



I appreciate that the pitch and speed parameters are decoupled here. Does anyone know if that is possible with the Morphagene?



It is, Morphagene just needs to be fed clock. And the morph control has to be somewhere above 10 o’clock (the indicator should be blue). Not quite as handy as having 2 dedicated controls, but pretty fun and useful nonetheless.



anyone else get their hands on nebulae v2 yet? mine just arrived in the mail this morning, really looking forward to digging in this week…

already have morphagene and clouds, so i’m curious to see if how much redundancy/novelty there is among the three. so far, i must say that i’m getting along really well with the v2’s layout and functionality.

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i got mine last week and goofed with it for about 20 min. i’m itching to do more, but currently in tour prep mode and trying to stay focused.

i will say that already its evident in the little i used it (and even with the stock samples) that it sits besides clouds and morph/phono — not on top.

…and silver panel ftw :grinning:



i am writing a pd patch for it right now it’s about 70 % done that replicates the Csound granulator that ships with it. I think they did a fabulous job on it and it sounds wonderful.




Recorded a sample of Marbles sequencing Rings into the Nebulae V2. Nebulae is being modulated by Batumi and Wogglebug. Magneto and Erbe-Verb for effects.



There seems not much people discussing Nebulae in this forum…Any differences in the pd patch?

By the chance would like to share a Mutable Clouds pd patch here from reddit.

Nebulae V2 Clouds Patch


TheTechnoBears Pure data Mutable Instruments wrappers clouds for the organelle modified for the Nebulae V2

See if anyone has successfully loaded it and give some demos~ I tried but it cannot be loaded to Nebulae, not detected the pd file when switching at the instr>pd selector mode.

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it cannot be loaded because the current o/s does not load the .pd_linux external it needs to run
I am waiting for a solution from Qubit because i have 5 premium patches made and ready to go



I’ve only had time for one quick session but definitely enjoying the new Nebulae



Does anyone know how to record to a new file on Nebulae V2? I know how to load multiple files on the USB stick but I can’t seem to figure out how to record to a new file directly on the module.

I also don’t really see any in depth tutorials on this one. Any good videos out there?



I believe that’s still not possible, but Qu-Bit have said they are planning to implement that feature with a future firmware update.



They’ve promised that feature for a while, but I’m starting to lose hope that Qu-Bit will ever deliver.



Wow, I just assumed it was an option. Seems like a major oversight.



I asked their support team and told me it’s in the making… maybe at Namm?
This feature is what keeps me from getting it.