Qu-Bit Nebulae

Thoughts? I’m getting one in a trade and don’t quite know what to expect but it seems like fun.

I’d have waited for v2.

I had v1, and was mostly annoyed by the fact that I couldn’t sample live. The PD template kept crashing my system, so I didn’t play too much with that. It had noise problems on a cell 90 case, to the point it only got along with my uZeus.

I ended up selling it.

Really excited about v2 coming out later in March, though.

Sorry for all the negativity. I just had a tough time with that module a few years back.


I have a Nebulae v1, and my experiences are pretty similar to @catenary as you can see below.

  1. i really wish I could sample live with it, but can’t, and something about recording xyz elsewhere as a WAV file, loading a USB drive with it, and bringing that into the Nebulae takes extra effort in the heat of the moment that is not always fun in an ‘instant eurorack exploration’ kind of way.
  2. there are noise problems i couldn’t resolve. i just kinda rolled with this though - it makes my tracks noisy, but i’m a noise artist anyway. for the hefty price, though, i was surprised by that.
  3. sometimes puredata and csound patches wouldn’t load and I couldn’t figure out any good reason why. but I’m new to both languages, so i assumed it was due to bugs in my patching. when I did get patches running though, it was pure bliss to have pd/csound instruments modulated by CV. even a simple 6 lines of csound code could become something complex and unruly when properly modulated
  4. perhaps obvious, but didn’t fully register to me until i sat down with it: there’s no audio input. this makes a difference if you want to, say, use the Nebulae to run a puredata effects patch on incoming audio. you’ll never get the equivalent of a Clouds patch running on the Nebulae, in other words. instruments/synthesis only.
  5. i found the interface pretty unclear and frustrating - there were plenty of times where I wanted to cycle through the WAV files on my USB drive and I couldn’t figure out how to load up the WAV I wanted to load up. this is where even a very simple 1-line text display would make a world of difference.
  6. this sounds super negative, but all that said - i’ve had a ton of fun with this module! it introduced CV-modulated sample-mangling to my palette, which opened up a lot of weird and wonderful doors for me. and if you know your way around puredata or csound, the possibilities with this module could be endless. give it a try and tamper your expectations, see if it’s suits your workflow and tastes, and you can always sell it if you don’t get along with it :slight_smile:
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