Quadrants in 2021

When I search for information on running two apps simultaneously it always seems to link to information from a few years ago. Given that software and hardware changes fairly continuously, I wondered if anyone can shed some light on the current state of play. (@tehn @phortran looking at you guys here :wink:)

Basically, I have seen a 256 available and I would love to try having some variant of MLR or softcut using one half and something like Control by Benjamin van Esser on the other half. The idea being that I can live jam with samples using MLR whilst triggering Ableton Live clips and mixing with Faders on the Control half.

FYI I am on a MacBook running Ableton Live 11 Suite. Is what I want to do possible in 2021?

PS Who doesn’t love an amateur sketch of their ideas?


As I understand it, development for the Grid on Max has been taken over by interest in Norns. With the death of Pages, you’d have to do it all by hand. And some is just not possible.

But what you wish to do is. Though I’m not experienced with Max, it seems to me that in principle, it’s not too difficult to make combined devices if you have a 256 and the apps are 128. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Load both devices to the same Max patch and split your leds and keys of the grid into two matrices. To do that, [route] 0-7 according to y, [- 8] from the left outlet and reformat. You now have two streams of messages, one from the top, another from the bottom half. Connect them appropriately and you have it.

But you’ll have to get your feet into Max yourself for this.

So it looks like the actual Quadrants app has died a death.

well, Pages is not dead,
I still use it, quadrants still works with some m4l apps, and the midi apps from Pages works great in quadrants, pages like midi keyboard, faders, triggers and step sequencers.
The only thing that is not working anymore is the LiveOSC script that connected Pages with Live,
it still works for Live 10 but not on 11 due to the Python 3 update


Thanks… Looks like Live 11 needs a different solution.