Quarantine Destruction Loops Bot - Audiovisual Project

Hello there friends, Matteo here from Milan, Italy, hope I’m posting this in the right section. Quarantine is not easy, so I tried to focus on a little project to help me and other people hopefully find something cool to distract them. Let me introduce you to

Quarantine Destruction Loops Bot is an audiovisual project designed to help people meditate and relax during the Covid-19 lockdown. Listen to tape loops and drones recorded slowly degrading into noise and nothingness, focus your breathing, empty your mind.

The bot will tweet out a destruction loop once a day, like this

I originally programmed it to go online now after 6pm CEST because it’s when the Italian government publishes the daily data on infection spread and deaths and I need to tune out for a bit.

You can also ask @quarloopsbot to provide you with a personalized soundscape by asking it directly and being nice by including ‘please’ in the message, like this.

I’ll keep adding new audio tracks and animations to the database in the next few days, but if somebody has similar destruction / disintegration loops style tracks up on the web somewhere and would like to contribute them I’d gladly add them as well!
Enjoy the loops and get lost in the noise.