Quasi-DIY Clean Power for Tabletop or Cased Modular, Effects, Mixer, etc

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I’m not an expert on these things but I was always lead to believe that one big power supply doing everything could lead to potential crosstalk type issues if the distribution of that power to all the various devices was not handled properly. One of the issues being that ideally cable runs should be as short as possible. But difficult to do with one power supply and lots of devices running off it.

I was always intrigued by the power bus strip approach of Graham Hinton - lumps of metal basically. Might give you some ideas!

Whenever I go on a tear of “there’s gotta be a better way to deal with power” I invariably land on threads singing the praises of Hinton. He does a lot of custom work, might be worth talking to him about your ideas.

Please keep us informed about your progress. Powering things is the biggest source of irritation when setting up a studio, and even more annoying on the go, where you have even less control over ground loop issues, etc.

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You might want to check this to get an idea of what’s around.

Also interesting maybe:

Hinton does see to provide the best and cleanes power solution, but it’s really expensive and due to the busbars, the system become very heavy and un-portable, so it’s a very different direction from where you want to go.

From all the info I have collected on the web, there’s two issues with power in Eurorack systems, one is the PSU the other are the busboards. Don’t forget the busboards when developing your PSU.
So far I haven’t seen a switching PSU that was showing good ripple/noise values, what does seem to work decently is to use a mainsAC to 12/15VDC switcher (usually an external brick) and then regulate that down to +/-12V with a linear stage (like the TipTop Zeus powered busboards for example). This let’s you keep the profile and weight really low, and reduce heat production inside the case.


Yes, I had that TRACO power PSU myself and it does have several issues: very high ripple values (much higher than a comparable Meanwell one, which already is a bit on the limit) and the need to have relatively high minimum load or it will go all bonkers.

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