Question about serialosc bpatcher in m4l

Right now I’m trying to make a patch in m4l. For some reason, even though I can see the new serialosc bpatcher just fine in patching mode, when I place it where I want it to be in the presentation mode and save the patch, the serialosc bpatcher is completely invisible in my m4l app. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m just overlooking. Any thoughts?

Hello there, just saw this the other day actually. Click the b patcher and then look at the inspector. There should be a section that shows offset or something similar. In the version I was using, the patcher was set to negative values so one couldn’t edit the drop down menu. Set those values to be positive and you should be set. Hope that helps!

The offsets were set to 0, but I actually just changed the background mode from “transparent” to “patcher background color” and that did the trick but thanks for the insight!

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