[question] cv to usb / digital signal

I’m working on a project that uses cv to control parameters of live code. My current solution uses cv to midi, which has some big downsides: weird auto-normalization, iffy resolution, unnecessary additional protocol abstraction, etc.

Does anyone have any advice on how I should approach this? My ideal device would be some kind of usb voltmeter that accepts patch cables and has some kind of sdk. I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter.

If you’re able to DIY you can build a module yourself with a raspberry pi zero w and a MAX113300 which converts cv to osc over wifi. It’s not really beginners friendly yet, so you should be willing to invest some time into it if you go this route, but happy to share my build notes. Here’s some more info: [WIP/DIY] OSC (wifi) <> 20x CV module

you could look into the Bela platform, it’s based an the Beaglebone Black, and offers a plethora o analogue inputs and has a really low latency ( something you can’t really get with a RasPi). Or maybe the Axoloti could be hacked into doung what you want? Can’t remember the inputs on that one…

Any DC coupled sound card and Max / puredata will do what you’re looking for. In eurorack there’s the Expert sleepers modules (es-8 is the most recent). Might be overkill, but also might be a pointer to some similar solutions?

I’m definitely interested in DIY – these notes are great. Never stop learning!

Cool this looks very flexible from the code perspective, awesome suggestion.

Oh yeah, these look great. Not a lot of info from the code angle but they have github activity so a good place to start, thanks!

Some additional inspiration can be found in the various threads on this forum about integrating cycling74’s Max with eurorack. A few of those threads are here:

DC coupled interfaces work just for output though, not for input

I’m using them for input. Unless I’m misunderstanding your meaning. I can plug cv into the es-8 I put and get a signal -1 to 1 in max / puredata.

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Right. But the inputs aren’t dc coupled on

Hence no CV input on “dc coupled audio interfaces”. That info is misleading.
The ES-8 has special ADCs making CV input possible.

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. You’re right.