Question regarding Teletype


I have finally sat down to try and learn Teletype (running v1.1), I have absolutely no experience with the module so I sincerely apologize if this question is very simple, but my A trigger keeps on firing, without having written any script yet, and as I turn the parameter knob the rate of the trigger increases. This is mostly confusing to me because the first lesson in the documentation tells you how to turn on and off trigger A. If I execute a command for TR A 1 it will send a trigger but it does not hold open the Trigger like it does for Triggers B-D if sent a similar command.

Again sorry if this is something very simple, just trying to learn the module and got confused by this.


TT comes with some demo patches saved into memory. perhaps your unit is loading one of those? it sounds like triangle mountain, which is in saved to the first memory slot & uses the parameter knob to change tempo.

hit esc on the keyboard and use the bracket keys to move to an empty slot - hit enter to load.

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Yes! Thank you very much that was exactly what was going on.

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