Questions about Meadowphysics 2

I will preface this by saying that it is possible I’ve missed the answers to these questions somewhere amidst the old forum, the new forum, and the version revisions of Meadowphysics itself…BUT I have looked around and am unclear on a few things that I hope someone can help with.

1/ Does the DRUNK rule still work in any form? The way I see it is that that rule just goes from MIN to MAX value on the row. I’d like to have the ability to apply DRUNK to something but I imagine I could do this via Teletype if needs be.

2/ When applying a rule to another row, what do the 3 buttons (1 dim and 2 lit or only 1 lit and 2 dim) signify/do?

3/ How would you use the LAST PRESSED rule ? From what I can tell, it’d need a range to uttilise the rule, BUT you have to press 2 buttons to define a range so no matter what it’ll remain still.

As I say, I’m possibly being a bit dim but any help would be very much appreciated. Gonna try and experiment with various bits more now.

Okay, I think I’ve figured out a purpose for the LAST PRESSED rule.

Seems that if you have a slower, RANDOM rule applied to a row, it’ll repeat the latest length until reset by the RANDOM.

That’s actually pretty cool.

  1. I’m fairly certain drunk got nixed. It’s discussed here A few thoughts about Meadowphysics

  2. I think the 3 buttons you are referring to change whether the rule is applied to the range on the position or a range of time divisions or both. So if it’s just left, it applies only to the position range, if it’s the middle lit it applies to ranges you can make in the speed division section, and if you tap the 3rd dim button it selects both the position and time.

  3. I think you’re onto it w/ the last pressed rule. It has seemed most relevant to me when you have another rule applied to the same rule, and the LAST PRESSED rule acts as a way to reset the behavior of a row

I had NO IDEA about the ability to shift the time divisions. Thank you very much for this tidbit.

Got the feeling I’m gonna have to write a sheet detailing all the various buttons and such for all the modules for my own personal use. Some stuff gets lost in translation I find.

I have yet more questions now.

1/ Do we know what division the Clock In takes? Is it quarters, eighths, sixteenths? I can experiment with this but I wonder if we already know the answer,

2/ On a similar note, is there a definite mathematical value for the clock divisions for each row? I assume that the fastest would be sixteenths or at least equivalent to the Clock Out.

3/ On yet another similar note, what divisions does the Clock Out send? Seems incredibly fast to me but I am fairly new to the true analogue world.

have you seen this?

Numerous times aye. Helped me get all the basic functionality down but some stuff is still a bit unclear.

I can feel out the Clock Divisions per row whilst designing a patch of course, but I’d also like to know what the maths for each is so that I can conciously create rhythms at times.

From the looks of things, the main Clock Out is in 16th’s so that’s not too hard and I can try out a few different for Clock In.

This is mostly just my own OCD-like tendencies where I like to know as much as I can about new things I’m using.