Questions regarding DAW and outboard effects

Hey fellaz,

can anybody help me with the following:
I want to use external effects with my DAW. What would be the way to go?
Interface -> reamp box -> effect unit -> DI box -> Interface?
Do I really need the ream bix and di box? Can you please share your experience?


I just go interface > effects > interface. Works a treat.

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Ha! Really? No loss of quality, ground hum or anything?

Not currently. I’ve had ground loop issues in the past, but I’m fortunate to not be experiencing such things at the moment.

I use a reamp box to run line level/modular stuff through a digital pedal (el Capistan) and then in through the guitar/hiZ input on a mixer.

It’s essential for me - there is a night and day difference in the sound. But maybe I don’t have the signal chain right for line level and pedals.

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depends on the FX. If both your sound interface and the FX unit has balanced ins and outs and the ground has been wired correctly, just use balanced cables and you’re fine, it should be 100% hum and noise free. If you have some cheap stuff, or just suff that has been wired incorrectly, or you’re using some guitar pedals, then that might be different. As long as cables are short though you should be fine with unbalanced cables. Impedance problems are another thing though.